cons and pros of watching television

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The primary aim of this article is to address the positives and pitfalls of viewing television. The words "pros" and "cons" are synonyms for "advantages" and "disadvantages": This paper would go through some of the benefits and drawbacks of watching.

Various scholars and historians have agreed that heavy TV viewing has both negative and positive effects on various individuals (Kubey & Mihalyi 19). When we look at the benefits, watching TV has a lot of them. One of the primary benefits of viewing television is that it teaches you to be resourceful. This means that you are able to learn and acquire information from all over the World. Some of the Channels that are brought in the TV are very informative (Kubey & Mihalyi 24). Good examples of some of the common channels that can be categorized under this sector are News channels and National Geographic. The News Channels are very resourceful and informative in the sense that people can be able to know what is going on around them as well as the entire World (Kubey & Mihalyi 36). On the other hand, the National Geographic channels are very important in the sense that they give resourceful and informative information about different animals and their habitat.

According to Charles Kenny, the TV is very important in a number of ways. He satisfies this by saying that it has one of the most transformative impacts on the lives of women (Awan 48). A good example that can be used to prove this fact is that in India, women have been transformed greatly. In this case, Women have been transformed and enlightened in a very large way. Women have been able to learn more about their rights and freedoms, this is an advantage to them since they are well informed about their living standards (Awan 63). Another pro is that the TV is very important technological gadget in the sense that it helps people realize their goals and dreams. It is safe to say the fact that a number of people can acknowledge the fact that they were able to achieve their goals and targets due to watching the TV.

In this case, some people have attended interviews that made them attain the current Jobs and status. Some people have also retrieved different business ideas that have greatly changed their lives. The TV has a positive impact in the sense that it acts as a form of entertainment and social surrogacy (Syvertsen 75). Unlike other forms of Entertainment, watching TV and listening to music are said to be one of the best and cheap forms of entertainment. The only thing that is required when watching the TV is paying attention. The TV has an added pro in the sense that as mentioned above, it helps to eliminate social surrogacy (Syvertsen 84). This is a term that most psychologists normally used in explaining the situation where one feel lonely and does not feel like doing anything at all. It is a Human nature for everyone to feel low at any point in their lives. Lastly the TV is very important in the sense that it helps people to expand their minds and think in perspectives that are much broader.

When we look at the Cons or the disadvantages of watching the TV, according to Marie winn: it causes a lot of addiction. It is very evident that watching the TV causes addiction (Kubey & Mihalyi 31). Some people may watch the whole day and as a result, they may end up doing nothing. In relation to this case, it is also safe to say the fact that it also causes and nurtures laziness. Based on the results and findings by different scholars, watching the TV heavily contributes to laziness (Kubey & Mihalyi 13). Most of the people who are addicted to watching the TV normally like lying down and resting in most cases. The other disadvantaged or con of watching the TV is that it is time consuming. As discussed above, it is evident that during a lot of time is normally wasted in watching. Some of the channels that are aired do not add any value. A good example of such include the sport and Cartoon channels; this channels do not contain information that is informative or information that can be used to help one achieve their goals or targets in their future lives.

Another Con is that some of the channels contain information that is very bad for different viewers depending on their age. Some of the programs that are aired contain explicit information that is based on some of the worst social vices such as sex, crime and violence (Syvertsen 87). Watching such programs greatly interferes the psychological reasoning of an individual in a negative way. Some may even turn out to be robbers and violent people in the society. Too much watching of the TV also makes you antisocial, most of the people who like watching the TV are very silent people who do not like talking to others (Kubey & Mihalyi 74). Lastly, children who are in their teen years get brainwashed easily as result of the content and information they are watching.

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October 13, 2022


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