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Since the creation of Samsung's "unconfined: The Galaxy S8 Design" focused on the ideal fusion of art, design, technology, and experience, artists were the press release's intended audience. The press successfully reached its audience since it captured their attention while being accurate and pertinent to the story. Additionally, the 5W contents of Who? What? Where? When? Why? were included in the press release. The press release was placed in Milan in a thoughtful manner. According to what is known, Milan developed into a major international hub for gothic art in the 14th century under the Visconti family. Nowadays, Milan continues being an important center of art since it is a home to many cultural institutions, museums, and art galleries. Samsung strategic location of the press release in Milan was effective in killing two bird with one stone in that the ‘who?’ and the ‘where?’ of the product was clearly stated. Samsung focused on its primary audience who are artists and the location which is a major artistic city in the world. The theme displayed by the Samsung was ‘Oneness.' Therefore the press release theme ‘Oneness’ was effective since it captured the audience attention with its simplicity, uniqueness, and precision. Therefore, it generated original newsworthy content, and there were no boring business profiles and no dull niches (Lassen, 2006). You never get (Andrew Grant) second chance to make a first impression. Therefore, the headline that Samsung used was content that was able to create the first impression a journalistic point of view.

Main Message

The message that Samsung was trying to communicate is that it created a unique product (The Galaxy S8 Design) that could enable people to create, share, and see their personal designs come to life through the mobile platform. The press release also conveyed to the audience how content can be created and be moved between physical and digital worlds therefore perfectly reflecting Galaxy 8’s software and hardware design concepts and the idea of “Oneness.” Another message that Samsung was trying to communicate was that the essence of developing the phone was to create more natural interactions in an existential approach that transcends people’s daily routine.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the strengths of the press release is getting the company’s product (Samsung S8) out to the public’s eyes thus providing consumer’s information about the services and outputs the company is offering. Since the press release, it is an interactive situation; feedbacks would be useful for future development of the products and press releases (Wiersma, 1988).

The weakness of the press release is that journalist and bloggers leak the news release or unofficially unveil the announcement hence affecting the initial impact that the product would have. Thus the press release would not be surprising to the many audiences that had already unofficially seen the product to be announced.

Validation and Conclusion

The news release was valid since it was newsworthy content that declared a new and creative product in the market. The headline of the press release was very innovative since it was original and untapped (Samsung Unconfined: The Galaxy S8 Oneness with nature). The innovativeness in the heading was able to capture the intended audience attention thus making it an effective press release.

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Lassen, I. (2006). Is the press release a genre? A study of form and content. California: Sage Publications.

Wiersma, J. (1988). Tho Press Release: Symbolic Communication In Life History Interviewing. New Jersey: Wiley Online Library.

March 15, 2023
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