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The Mechanics of Being

The Mechanics of Being is an inspiring script that depicts sensitive situations that people face in today's world. It is a golden opportunity for college students to learn how to build their future and how to improve the existing world to best benefit them. Students expect their parents to be completely committed to helping them in their learning experience and in life in general, depending on their backgrounds.

Overcoming Difficulties

College students, in my view, face a plethora of difficulties. Although some despair and give up, some see this as a chance to develop and are encouraged to conquer these setbacks. These problems can affect students either directly or indirectly but should not be a basis for the students to give up, instead they should be a source of inspiration.

Walker's Story

In Walker’s case, his family faced numerous challenges, however, he changed his story to inspire others to overcome their problems. For instance, despite the fact that both parents were blind, Walker got used to these conditions and never undermined his determinations to pursue his academic aspirations. The onset of problems in one’s life does not mean the end of life. In fact, one is expected to be courageous and motivated to face those issues no matter how hard they may seem. The essence of being positive when faced with adversaries is that it is the starting point of looking at things differently and requires constant change of coping tactics and strategies.

Anticipating the Worst

On the other hand, I want to concur with the fact that one should anticipate the worse rather than being naive and hope for the best outcome. Some students are found to concentrate much on the onset of negativity rather than hoping for positivity. For instance, in the case of Walker, the doctors told that his father’s death was imminent, but this was found to be a mere illusion. As a student, Walker seems not to be overtaken by this situation. His academic aspirations were not necessarily affected by these events, and, for a fact, we can see him achieving various milestones. For example, he became a successful political scientist and architect. College students should be focused on changing their situation for the better rather than seeking sympathy at times of desperation.

Family-based Problems

The other perspective presented by the script is that some students seem to experience family-based problems while chasing their academic dreams. Walker is determined to write a novel on the difficulties he faced in life based on the sufferings of his father. It is evident enough that the author does not entirely reveal what his father went through being blind. The most catching part of this text is that Walker concentrated much on writing about personal and family-based challenges but neglected the positive side of his family life. In the present world, some students focus on the negative sides of their lives but seem not to acknowledge the comic side associated with these situations. Students are significantly affected by their family issues either directly or indirectly. In this regard, some are known to reflect on their situation and come up with coping mechanisms that would enable them to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

The Importance of Acceptance

The script shows how Walkers’ fathers avoided disclosing what he was going through to protect his family. In spite of the challenges he faced, he was determined to take things with ease for the well-being of the family members. In my opinion, Walker’s father was right to take this approach since it allowed his family to have a positive mindset and work through these challenges. Relative to Walkers’ case, he pursued his dreams regardless of the shortcomings that he faced, even though back home things were not going right. Acceptance of the situation and moving on is essential in ensuring an individual’s aspirations, and dreams are not deterred. Although blind parents raised Walker, they were determined to meet all their parental and family responsibilities. Despite the considerable amount of trauma on Walker’s side, he does not neglect his academic and marital duties.

Appreciating the Positive Moments

Even though Walker seems to have overcome all these challenges, he seems to be overtaken by the negative experiences of the family and writes about it, especially on the side of the father. According to the script, Walker recalls the hilarious moments he encountered with his father. For example, the time he took father’s pants to the dry cleaner and later turned to laughter when they all discovered what had happened. In my opinion, most students seem not to acknowledge the fact that beholders of these tragedies sometimes forget what they are passing through and get overtaken by other things which end up taking the day. It is amazing how Walkers’ father, as blind as he was, managed to pursue his education, provided a living to his entire family, and, most surprisingly, he even managed to cheat on his mother and got another child with Lynne. These scenarios show how Walker’s father was over his condition as well as his mother who also had an affair with another man.

Focusing on Improvement

In my opinion, it is the high time for students who face traumatizing problems from their families to focus on matters that will help change their situations and more preferably to achieve their ambitions in education. Family matters should serve not as setbacks but as a source of inspiration and dedication to improving their situation instead of seeking sympathy in times despair. On the other hand, students should not focus on the negative experience with those conditions but find comfort in the good moments that come alongside with challenges.

January 25, 2023

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