Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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My struggles as a non-registered nurse have been a major driving force behind my application to Regis College's accelerated bachelor of science in nursing program. The requirement would be a significant accomplishment for me personally as well as for the community at large in the group home settings where I have been providing direct care. I have been ardently concerned, in my adept continuance when it comes to the various duties of a nurse and I am well conversant with the predicaments that the nurses undergo when they are short of the right expertise while attending to the patients.

My nursing experience started way back after high school upon passing on sciences especially biology followed by the realization that helping the sick in the community was my passion. I have been working in the human services by granting the direct care in the group home situation an experience that has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the nursing career suits me best. I have also worked in the healthcare setting as a phlebotomist and the patient care Quest Diagnostics’ representative which will also contribute to my success in the nursing industry. Through the healthcare, I gained the extensive acquaintance in drawing the blood samples from the patients, passing them through the laboratory, and further checking them for the health-related issues such as cholesterol, bacteria, and diseases, just to mention a few.

My core justifications for being in quest of admittance to the program are to gain enormous comprehension as regards the duties of a registered nurse. The curriculum will enable me to present the excellent patient care through the appliance of the acquired knowledge to improve the patient’s eminence of life. Moreover, upon completion of the program and attainment of the right proficiencies, I will always have a feeling of confidence and at the same time competent as concerns the performance of the nursing duties. I have ever wished to explore the diverse aspects of the nursing structure and achieve familiarity with the different patient populations, and for that reason, the syllabus would be of great importance as that is just but one of its purposes. Besides, the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing will facilitate my efficiency in executing my duties as a registered nurse and also make me well organized, a virtue I have lacked due to the inadequacy of the nursing skills.

Accomplishing my Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing at your institution will prepare me fully to sit for the NCLEX examination and consequently be a registered nurse. In the college, I will engage in the class work activities that will provide me with the necessary care setting skills and the clinical appointment for the valuable hands-on know-how. Likewise, the clinical placement will permit me to apply the classroom knowledge into the clinical setting, learn from the professionals in the field, and also enhance my proficient networking in the nursing field. In fact, my recent placements have been the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Franciscan Hospital, and once I complete the program, I will be in a better position for more appointments due to the more skills I would have achieved.

I legitimately deduce that my adroit substantiation discloses that I have the accurate milieu as concerns the requirements of the program. I will be grateful should you consider my application, thank you in advance.

April 13, 2023
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Nurse Struggle Community

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