The Role of The New Zealand Nurses Organization

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The New Zealand nurses organization is the most prominent profession union and an organization representing nurses, caregivers and midwives in New Zealand. The organization was founded in 1905 by a group of nurses in Wellington (Holloway, 2012). Nurses from other towns also came up with an association in 1909 and called it the trained nurses association. The association began to expound and gained recognition from the government as a union that advocated for the member’s employment agreement and working conditions in public hospitals. In 1973 the New Zealand Nurses union was established to fight for good salaries. 1n 1987 the Union employed its staff, and later the New Zealand nurses’ union and nurses organization merged and came up with New Zealand nurses organization. The organization was officially born on 1st April 1993.

Significant Played by the Organization

The organization paid a keen interest in advocating for the rights of professionals working under it. The organization made sure that over the years, nurses were offered fair wages and worked in a conducive environment. The organization also united various professional in the medical field which ranged from nurses, midwives, caregivers, doctors, surgeons. This helped the staff to work together with the aim of improving the health of the patients.

The mission of the Nursing Profession

The New Zealand Nurses organization mission is to ensure that nurses, caregivers and midwives are represented, and their professionalism is promoted. The purpose of the organization is also to improve the health status of the people in New Zealand through contributing to healthy growth and social policy advancement. The groups also follow the treaty of Waitangi which emphasized on the protection of rights and to ensure people practice proper conduct and enjoy peace. The mission also helps nurses to positively impact on the health of the patients and community at large. The organization has a significant role in instilling leadership and ensuring development among nurses.

Ways in which the Nursing Organization Promotes the Profession of Nursing

The organization networks nurses from different hospitals through online forums, seminars helping them to gain knowledge and broaden their viewpoints. The nurses are given the assurance of practicing their profession safely through the provision of policy advice and research. The association has also enabled nurses to advance technologically by providing systems for storing patients’ information and records (Holloway, 2012). The group has made it possible for all professional to adopt the technology by offering training sessions to increase and implement computer knowledge. The New Zealand nurses organization helps nurses to further their education at discounted costs, offering nurses scholarships.

The organizations most recent advocacy act for nurses

The Organization advocacy entails discouraging inequality and promoting equality of nurses and other medical practitioners. The organization also has assisted nurses to have a positive perspective on the use of social media and electronic (Kendall, Aiken, Sloane, Cimiotti, 2011). The technological promotion of nurses guides them to be cautious on the protection of patients’ privacy. The union also makes sure the nurses working conditions are free from harassment and inequality. The nurses’ welfare makes it possible for the nurses to be paid well and to have excellent benefits.

State why you would or would not be a member of the organization.

I would gladly be a member of the organization because it ensures that its staff are working under safe conditions. I also like the fact that the organization is dedicated to training its professional’s computer skills to improve computer literacy among medical professional in New Zealand. The Organization has also facilitated a modified way of working with the nurses by introducing a system for staff to keep patient’s information, laboratory results and records, therefore, making retrieval of data manageable. The organization also fights for the rights of the employees by advocating for fair salaries


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October 13, 2023

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