Advantages and Disadvantages of New Media Marketing

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There is a revolution in airline service marketing with innovations in technological communications which have led to a rise in electronic based messaging and social media platforms. The innovations have caused a surge in New Media Marketing and specifically consumer generated and social media which is more focused and interactive (Knoblich et al., 2017). The result is an augmentation in traditional airline marketing communication tools like print (magazines and newspapers), outdoor, television and radio.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

There is quite little an airline company can lose in adopting a mobile marketing strategy and a lot to benefit. First, the airline requires to work with a legal firm to ensure that they comply with all Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements before rolling out their mobile marketing strategy. Mobile marketing is a direct marketing tool having a personal reach on all your target customers.

Majority of citizens and especially target customers for the airline industry have a decent mobile phone, giving the media a broad reach. In addition, the delivery is instant because consumers always have their smartphones with them. Also creating content for mobile marketing is simpler than content for other channels like email marketing and other traditional marketing communication tools because the content or ad has to be maintained simple (Knoblich et al., 2017). Also, should the consumer like the service, the consumer will act as a marketing agent by spreading the message on various social media platforms causing a viral effect and also endorsing the brand. Consider also that most mobile phone service providers have convenient payment systems which make staying online affordable for the majority of airline target customers.

Disadvantages of Mobile Marketing

Unfortunately with mobile marketing, unlike television, outdoor or computers, mobile phones screens are small, and also screens differ in size and technology, making it difficult to customize a message. If the screen size is too small, it becomes difficult for the customer to navigate the message (Knoblich et al., 2017). It is also hard to customize a message for a target audience, the message is send to all the mobile phone users, this can intrude on the privacy citizens least interested in the service.

Implications of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Requirements Regarding Ads and Endorsers on the effectiveness of Twitter as a Media Tool

The goal of FTC is to protect consumers by ensuring that the consumer understands the content of any message they receive and the purpose of the message in addition to understanding compensation in terms of cash, discounts, free products or services. The regulations also ensure that the information will be visible to the consumer (Knoblich et al., 2017). Marketers are required to disclose the source of a message on Twitter, and those who circulate content in exchange for compensation should also make it clear why the consumer is receiving the compensation.

Airline marketers should seek to overcome any challenges in the marketing of their brands, and that includes looking for the best way possible to comply with any state regulations. Failure to comply with the regulations can cost the organization millions of dollars in terms of fines. On the other hand, airlines cannot overlook the role of Twitter in marketing and must, therefore, comply with the regulations. Regulations always complicate processes, however, these regulations are helpful because consumers are given an opportunity to make a decision, and therefore they don’t feel as if their privacy is being intruded. The best way to ensure that the regulations are fully followed is by hiring the services of a lawyer who is an expert in FTC regulations compliance who will ensure that your airline mobile marketing strategy is fully compliant to the laws.


Knoblich, S., Martin, A., Nash, R., & Stansbie, P. (2017). Keys to success in Social Media Marketing (SMM)–Prospects for the German airline industry. Tourism and hospitality research, 17(2), 147-164.

September 18, 2023


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