Advertisement as a tool to generate profit

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Examining the ‘popchips’ ad

Image classified ads have always been used with the aid of companies with the purpose of generating excessive profits. Celebrities are mostly used through companies as they are tremendously influential and attract big masses. The extent of coverage and diploma of impact completely depends on the ad’s author.


No commercial enterprise can survive except making its products regarded to the audience. Companies do this by advertising, and now not only advertising and marketing but through very trendy advertisements. This essay analyzes an photograph ad of a famous snack ‘popchips’ by the use of a popular American movie star, Katy Perry.

Advertisement as a tool to generate profit

The ad image

As it can be seen from the image above, Katy Perry is holding two packets of the snack, one in each hand with her arms slightly folded. The image has some writing (nothing fake about ‘em) written on top of the image. She has the pupils of her eyes directed up looking at the writings. In a much closer look, she appears to be in good moods and somehow excited about the snack. This conveys the message perfectly to the targeted audience.


The author of the ad decided to use a celebrity in order to reach a good majority that might be attracted to the snack. Thus, by using Katy Perry, there is indeed a catch, as she is a well-known American citizen and artist in the music industry. The company producing the snack well knows that the singer has a large number of followers, who are primarily high school students, young adults and probably 8th graders. The age group targeted is from 12 to middle 20s. This means that before the ad image was conceived, a research was done by the marketing team of the company, related to the youth psychology and demographics ("Demographic Targeting Vs. Persona Targeting on Social"). For them to get the attention of the audience, all matters that relate to appetite and age had to be considered. In a much broader sense, the youth are known to eat snacks more than any other age group. Naturally, the appetites of the targeted audience which in our case is the proposed youth is aroused by well packaged foods; be it a snack or whole grain cereals. What appeals to the eye finds its way to the stomach but before that, it has to be bought with money- which means a high income for the company.

In addition to this, the image presents us with a peculiar design, a design that balances most of the artistic effects. As it can be seen the use of space has been addressed in the image. There is absolutely no white space. The image is purely graphic and written. This shows that the designer avoided the use of extra space and effectively compacted the elements of the image. The most outstanding feature of the image is color. There is an ingenious way in which color has blended with the design of the image. The author chose the blue color, probably because it is a ‘shouting color’ as it is bright and conspicuous. Perhaps the plan of the company was designing a single ad image for both the street bill boards and packaging. Thus, avoiding the need for drafting another for the bill boards.

Taking another closer look, we can see that a background is lacking. Instead, there is just color which depicts the accuracy of the message being conveyed. In an attempt to focus the mind only on the snack, the author avoided any background that could have otherwise deviated the attention of the audience. There is also a striking resemblance between the color of the cloth and the general color of the image. The lady’s dress is majorly blue with some bit of dull black in it. This is also important as it brings out a more vivid piece of art. Culture is also represented in the image though on a light note. The lady is posing like a teenager, a little bit calm and decently dressed. Thus, the timing of the image and its impact on morality is not questionable. Undoubtedly, the ad is in line with the current times and the message to the intended audience has been well captured.

In conclusion, the ‘popchips’ ad analyzed must have achieved its goal. The clever graphics, setting, message and the elements used in the image are all in one accord. The ad couldn’t have been more perfect. It is beyond doubt that the author of the ad is a real expert.

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April 12, 2021



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