Analysis of Non-Verbal Cues

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A verbal cue

A verbal cue refers to a prompt conveyed from one individual to another through spoken language. On the other hand, non-verbal cues refer to all the potentially informative behaviors communicated by individuals, however, these behaviors are not purely linguistic in nature. Some of the visible non-verbal cues are such as posture, facial expressions, head and hand movements, interpersonal gaze as well as leg movements and positions.

Non Verbal Cues

During Waits and Williams meeting there were several nonverbal cues presented such as when Williams was on the phone but made eye contact and smiled at Waits who had just entered to acknowledge his presence. The shaking of hands as a form of greeting between Williams and Waits is part of the nonverbal cues. As Waits went on with his presentation, Williams took notes at different times and this is also a nonverbal cue. Another aspect where the nonverbal cues are evident during Waits’ presentation to Williams whereby Williams smiled looked him in the eyes and moved her chairs position to come closer to the table.

Other nonverbal cues portrayed by Williams during the presentation are such as the placing of her hand on the cheek and shifting forward towards the direction of Waits. In addition, another non-verbal cue during the meeting is whereby Williams kept on looking at her watch at intervals. The actions of Williams uncrossing her legs, leaning forward and placing her glasses on the tip of her nose after Waits making major points are all nonverbal cues.

Interpretation of Non Verbal Cues

When Waits meets Kerri, Kerri smiles at Waits severally and shakes his hand, this portrays that she as approachable, receptive as well as friendly. Kerri Williams also makes direct eye contact as the meeting begins, Waits can interpret this as, readiness to engage in conversation; hence, cueing him to speak (Jones, 2013). During the meeting, she also looks at him in the eye which shows that she is interested. Waits should respond to these non-verbal cues by smiling back at her and also maintaining eye contact as it not only reciprocates the rapport established but also portrays him as both confident and sincere (Non-Verbal Communication, 2017).

Another non-verbal cue identified is placing of the hand on the cheek severally during the meeting while shifting forward to ask questions. The non-verbal cue of placing the hand on the cheek; as opposed to using the hand to completely support the head, can be interpreted as genuine interest and critical evaluation. Moreover, it is also a sign that the buyer is engaging in what can be termed as a decision-making process. The buyer also shifts forward severally when making inquiries, this verbal cue can be interpreted by Waits as a sign of not only interest but also attentiveness and active listening as opposed to leaning back which is usually decoded as a sign of indifference (Jones, 2013). In regard to these verbal cues, Waits can respond by leaning toward as he addresses the buyer in an upright manner.


Williams's action uncrossing her legs, leaning forward and placing her glasses on the tip of her nose as well as taking down notes portrays her openness to meeting and her attentiveness and interest in the presentation respectively. Waits should respond to this by providing her with adequate time to take down her notes. Another non-verbal cue identified is frequent glances at the watch which can be interpreted boredom. Therefore, Kerri Williams is already tired; hence, not giving him her full attention. One way to respond to this non-verbal cue is by summarizing his presentation or rather engaging the buyer more in his presentation such as through open end questions.


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August 18, 2023

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