Analysis of Postmodernism and Television

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Postmodernism and TV in Modern Society

Postmodernism is an issue that is widely discussed in the modern society. Through the avenue of postmodernism, different cultural aspects have been introduced to the society and a series of changes from the ancient society. Therefore, the aspect of postmodernism dramatically depicts the creation of an avenue whereby individuals have to look deeply into the factors that matter most and ensure that they decipher the popular cultures. Despite the significant relevance of postmodernism in the society, different scholars have looked into it from diverse perspectives. While most individuals look at postmodernism and TV as a high channel to help enhance the social and related activities, others look at post Modernism and TV as a negative factor in the modern society. Therefore, this gets to the level where it affects how the society looks into issues related to postmodernism and factors that are imperative to the building of a better understanding of the understanding of what issues are relevant to postmodernism in the modern society.

Jameson Fredrick's Perspective

As Jameson Fredrick discusses in his essay “Postmodernism and consumer society,” different factors are unraveled about postmodernism and the issues that are related to the factor. The creation of a society whereby postmodernism is understood and accepted as per the author brings in critical issues that would lead to the accrual of real-time value. The author takes a critical dig into postmodernism and realizes that postmodernism helps the society to bring reality into images, as well as portray activities into the present even when they were relayed in the past. However, different changes have been manifested in the society through the avenue of postmodernism (Jameson 113). These activities have been averagely accepted in the society. For instance, the television, which is a means of entertainment, is seen by the other kinds of modernists as a means of laziness and could result in bringing of different effects to an individual.

Transforming Perspective Through Postmodernism and TV

The author notes that postmodernism helps to transform the social perspective of individuals and helps them to know about the other communities. The cultural values are also upheld with the avenue of the television in a proper manner that also facilitates the creation of value in the society. Through the ability to bring reality into the image, it portrays a high culture of memorability for the individual. Therefore, the factor of postmodernism and TV have been instrumental in every aspect of an individual’s being (Jameson 121). The aesthetic value is seen in the ability to preserve moments and memories for individuals to refer to them in the future instances. These are therefore the most instructional avenues that help with the foundation of better ways to look at the factor of postmodernism and TV.

An Analysis of TV Program "The X-Files"

Kellner in his book "The X-Files and the aesthetics and politics of postmodern pop," attempts to look into postmodernism and TV through the analysis of a program that also helps to ensure that the avenue is critically evaluated. The source gets to look into the most instrumental of issues and a series of activities that have to be considered to make a better implementation of the society. Through the source, different issues are known about the TV program X files that caused a great series of controversies in the late 20th century (Kellner 162). These factors enhance the development of better and concrete understanding of the factors that are associated with the development of a better community in the modern society. Thus, the X files ensure there are better and more instructional ways to handle factors that are of value in the community.

Misunderstandings and Aesthetics of Postmodernism and TV

Notably, Kellner sees to it that X files, which is a postmodern cultural value, gets to be adequately analyzed. The author states that postmodern cultures are an excellent avenue for the society, but also quickly misunderstood by different individuals. The academicians have a disdains for the popular culture by saying that it is a source of mass media and has no relevance to them. Meanwhile, the author states categorically that TV is an excellent system of aesthetic value for the society in a way that also helps to facilitate the development of better and more fundamental ways to dispense culture (Kellner 170). The author, therefore, gets to the level where he analyzes and looks into the most instrumental factors in the development of an understanding of postmodernism and TV. This basis makes a critical inference to the significant factors that come out as a great way to relate to the members of the society and ensure that value is exhibited in the very proper manner.


In conclusion, the two authors get to look at postmodernism and TV from different angles. While one looks at it as an excellent avenue for the society and ensures that there is a representation of the society in different avenues, the other source gets to look at it as a great way to portray the changes in the society, and among the most misunderstood sources. The creation of the convenient manner of looking into the post-modernist way of though enhances the description of the society to a level where postmodernism and TV are altogether known as an excellent step for the society and a leading aesthetic in the representation of the society.

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Jameson, Fredric. "Postmodernism and consumer society."Postmodern culture (1985): 111-25.

Kellner, Douglas. "The X-Files and the aesthetics and politics of postmodern pop."The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 57.2 (1999): 161-175.

December 12, 2023

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