Apple Inc. Business Critique

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Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. was founded in the 1970s and has since engaged in the design, produce, and sale of mobile and media networking electronic devices such as personal computers and other electronics. China, Europe, Japan, Asia-Pacific, and all other areas are the company's major divisions. The company's major product lines include the iPhone, iPod, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch, as well as a portfolio of other similar apps such as iPhone OS, OS X, iCloud, Apple Pay, and other support services. So far, the company has been active in its distribution process and in meeting the unique needs of its customers (Reuter). However, as with any company, Apple Inc. also faces several setbacks that can be improved to enable the users to gain maximum advantage in the broad range of classy products and services that have been introduced by the company.

Areas that Apple Inc. has been Successful

The company has been successful on various fronts since its inception with a majority of these factors because being the contributing elements to its gaining an advantage over others in the industry. One of the successes have been founded on the basis of the ease of use of Apple products. The founder of the company Steve Jobs ensured that a critical element in the products that they would produce would have to be easy to use. According to the company CEO, the ease of use played a huge role in the consumers’ consideration of the worth of the product. The culture has been nurtured because the company is aware that with the advances in technology, it has become more challenging for users because now they have a broad range of products to choose from and exercise more choice (Bajarin).

The other major benefit that Apple offers its users is the availability of a wide variety of customer service and in-store provisions. Jobs was aware that the customer would frequent need hand holding when they were using the company products, which necessitated the need to factor in-store experiences. The company uses the conundrum to its benefit because through the platform, it is able to keep a track of the sales products, how people are treated and other related issues (Bajarin). The company has developed a culture where it treats its clients with utmost respect and has thrived in customer care in the process. In fact, it is hypothesized that 50 percent of the buyers have responded that they tend to prefer buying the company’s products because of the benefits that it offers.

Areas of Possible Improvement

However, there are notable weaknesses in the products that Apple offers to its customer with one key area being the need for more durable devices and machines. Apple has a history of making thinner and sleeker electronics, which only increases the risk of breakage as they are more delicate. It is thus suggested that the production should factor the need to make more durable machines through the use of stronger cases. In fact, a client has since been quoted describing her preference of Digital Identity products and arguing that she avoids Apple because if the durability issue that the company is failing to address. In fact, it is a challenge for Apple because its competitors produce more durable devices and the products are thus more user-friendly.

Another major setback that I feel needs to be factored is the issue of enforced security. Despite the fact that it has shined in making the most secure phones, there are security loops that hold the company back. The addition fingerprint unlocking screen has been an important inclusion. It is, however, critical to ensure that there are better security systems both in the software and hardware perspectives because of the need to protect user data especially for those who rely on the devices for most of their services and business transaction. Thus, I would recommend the addition of a “https” encryption setting that would warrant better security for the user as it will be difficult for hackers to break such a chain (Spector).

Furthermore, I would suggest that I an effort to become more competitive there is a need for Apple to include multiple SIM cards for the users because apparently, many customers who purchase the products only have the option of one SIM card for communication. Users who wish to have a separate home life and work life boundary would find it necessary to purchase two phones if they prefer Apple products, which is disadvantageous to them. It is thus recommended that for convenience, Apple should factor multiple SIM cards to stay in competition with its competitors (Spector).


In summary, it is important to highlight that Apple as a company for electronics devices and software has been successful in the past because of the history it has nurtured since the 1970s. The primary benefits that are noted when one purchases the products are that they have a wider option for choosing easy-to-use devices. Furthermore, the customer service is responsive to clients’ needs. However, I feel that the company should make more durable products, consider tighter security, and include two SIM cards in the making of the company smartphones for convenience to the user.

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