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Reflecting on Anti-War Protests by Kate Hudson examines the role of British anti-war movements in preventing or attempting to prevent Britain from fighting needless wars around the world. Kate Hudson is a British left-wing political leader and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament's general secretary.
According to Kate, peace protests have mobilized some of the biggest marches in history to put pressure on the British government to stop fighting wars in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, and Syria. Kate begins by citing that some of the largest peace marches that took place prior to 15th February 2003 were led and organized by the Center for Nuclear Disarmament in the nineteen eighties. The demonstrations were meant to prevent Britain from storing cruise missiles and protest against location of new US missiles. The demonstrations attracted over four hundred thousand people. On 15th February 2003, CND in partnership with Muslim Association of Britain and Stop the War coalition organized the biggest demonstration in Britain to protest against the government attacking Iraq. The demonstrations attracted over two million people. The number was beyond what the peace movements expected. However, this did not prevent the war. The then Prime Minister Tony Blair ignored the demonstrations. The article gives more details on how the demonstration was organized and implemented. The article also exposes the reasons for the increased wars in the Middle East. Kate and CND in general believe that the US and Britain attack oil rich countries in order to Siphon their oil due to the increased demand for oil. The two countries even went to the extent of fabricating propaganda that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which was a lie. The article also extensively talks about the 2020 US plan for world economic and political dominance through military supremacy. It also looks at the rise in China and why the US government is looking for ways to slow down Chinas rapid economic growth. The article also looks at the increased risk of space warfare. In the paper, Kate says that the US and other super powers might soon deploy nuclear war heads in Space through their military expansion program. Kate concludes by saying that there is need for peace movements all over the world to unite and look for other survival methods such as grassroots radicalizations if they are to survive government harassments.

Kate seems to have wide knowledge in matters concerning various military campaigns that the US and Britain are employing. The article is well organized. She puts her points across in simple English which makes this article easy to understand. Her position as General Secretary of CND makes her a reliable source and her article credible. For anyone seeking to understand how peace movements have played a role in preventing wars, this is the go to article.

July 24, 2021

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