Atraumatic care

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Wong defines atraumatic care as "intervening in someone's life to limit or eradicate the physical and psychological anguish experienced by families through health care systems" (Wilson & Hockenberry, 2013). The concept of this care suggests ways that health practitioners could provide care to pediatric patients who are enduring pain and triggering procedures by providing both non-pharmacological and pharmaceutical therapies. It is therefore critical to give these services in order to create trust with both the affected individual and their family. It also reduces the long-term impacts of future medical experiences, such as fear. Regardless of how young the youngster may be, it is important to keep in mind that pain can change the kid's sensitivity and body to other experience. A good example of a traumatic care is seen at the Metro Healthy hospital where the care committee designed a non-pharmacological management tool that was meant to educate the health practitioners on ways of reducing anxiety and pain in kids, as well as improving their medical experience in the healthcare systems as pediatric patients (Wilson & Hockenberry, 2013).

What to do when someone has been abused

When a patient opens up to tell me that they have abused, I will first remain calm to make them understand that am not judgmental. Then, I will try my best not to be emotional to avoid communicating disgust, shock, embarrassment, and disbelief. I will then be supportive by staying close to this person to assure the patient they are safe. Once the patient is calm, I will immediately contact the health practitioners as well as the police. In cases where the patient decides to tell the trauma, I will then take important notes, to assist transfer the information to the concerned parties.


Hockenberry, M.,Wilson. (2013). Wong's essentials of pediatric nursing (9th Ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby/Elsevier

May 02, 2023

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