authenticity of learning in education

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It is significant to highlight that certain historical mathematical themes may be created and taught depending on the interests of the students. Algebra is a complex subject, but for the sake of this study, we'll focus on it. Next, we'll examine how algebra might be taught in accordance with California state standards.

Most of the key ideas in this area of study are used in one wide area of mathematics called algebra. It makes use of the knowledge of mathematical symbols and highlights the guidelines for manipulating those symbols. This historical topic is of interests to students because it plays a dominant role in ensuring the enlightenment of students as the importance and use of mathematical symbols. The topic is also of significance because it develops the analytical minds of students and aid efficient critical thinking, (Stillwell, 2002).

Having mentioned the values of this topic to students, it is important to note that is are specific suggested steps that should be adhered to when teaching algebra. First, there is need to adopt the concept of repetitive patterns to create a clear picture and aid remembrance. There is need also to encourage an excellent level of interaction between the students and tutors in a bid to spur understanding.

In conclusion, there a couple of prominent aspect of the California state teaching standard which includes engaging and creating learning supports for all students. Planning and designing a learning experience for all students, ("Teaching and Leading - Professional Standards, CA Dept of Education)." Hence to attain these standards, I will ensure that all students are given the required attention and support during each lesson, and I will ensure that detailed lessons plan are always developed to cater of the objectives of each lesson.


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Stillwell, J. (2002). Mathematics and its History. The Australian Mathem. Soc, 168.

March 10, 2023

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