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Segmentation, targeting, and positioning are a set of activities aimed at identifying specific groups of customers and generating products and services that are appealing to the group. It entails categorizing the population into several categories based on a set of characteristics. Targeting, on the other hand, refers to selecting certain groups to whom the products can be sold following segmentation. The position is the process of determining the best marketing mix for the consumer segment.

It is a basic and extensively utilized sort of market segmentation. The method is used by most companies since it divides the population into variables.Demographic segmentation, therefore, has its variables starting from age, gender, income, family, religion, and race. Demographic segmentation is applicable in automobile market since the market has different price brackets where the automobiles are manufactured. For example, the Maruti automobile has the lowest price brackets compared to BMW, and Audi vehicles have the highest price brackets since they target wealthier buyers. The demographic variables targeted include life cycle stage, occupation and the degree of loyalty. While considering the occupation, the segmentation can target employees, students, and professionals.

Behavioral segmentation

Behavioral type of market segmentation divides the market on the basic usage, behavior and through decision-making pattern. An example of behavior based segmentation would be nonalcoholic people will always prefer soft drinks whereas the drunkards will prefer alcoholic beverages. Another example of behavior segmentation is marketing during the festivals where the movies can be seen. For instance, on the Christmas day, the purchasing patterns are seen to be completely different compared to the purchasing patterns of the normal days. The segmentation can be based on the criteria of personality, benefits sought, social class and the user status.

Psychographic segmentation

It is a type of segmentation that focuses on the lifestyle of the people, their interests, and their activities. Opinions of the individuals also define the market segment. The type of segmentation works similarly with the behavioral segmentation; however, it considers the psychological aspects of the consumer purchasing behavior. Psychographic segmentation is done through the creation of lifestyle targets.

Question 2: 3 types of adverts and their target population

Food adverts and marketing directed at children and the adolescents in the United States

In the recent past, the industry of food and beverage has viewed both the adolescents and children as some of the major market forces. The result is that children are being targeted for the food marketing and advertising efforts. The company’s marketing food are interested in the youth consumers due to their high spending power and purchasing influence and them being the future consumers.

The purpose of the advert is due to the essentiality of nutrition during adolescence since it contributes to growth and development, health and wellbeing. The advert aims to increase the dietary intakes of both the children and the adolescents (Mary & Simone, 4).

The most significant single source of media that is highly used is the television. Most of the fast food restaurants are reserved advertising slots in the televisions since viewing starts in the morning.

CS24 Car Ad Projects

The advertisement is directed to target the high-end buyers and well to do and social climbers. The advert is created to meet the needs of every individual. Although both a woman and a man is present in the advert photo, man is the main character in the advert. Both a beautiful woman and an iconic estate have been used to reflect the desirability (

Entertainment adverts

It is never difficult for the advertisers to reach kids in online platforms. Many people understand the meaning of flashing banner advertisements, sweepstakes, and even the contest. Kids are being targeted through various ways that include social media celebrity endorsements, through which the celebrity stars can arm their income through tweets. Kids as the target groups can also take the form of text updates where the teens who can’t live minus the news of Gossip girl sign up freely t receive the updates. The advertisers understand that the earlier a child gets to know the brand; the brand is likely to be sold out in the later stages (Caroline, 3). Helping the kids to understand their online privacy helps them to reduce their chances of being exploited.

Question 4: Using salespeople to sell to stores directly

After several years of the company selling directly in Business to business purchasers, a new strategy might be implemented to supplement the direct sales model. The new strategy might be required to build a distribution network through the reseller channels. Therefore, the two most important requirements include recruiting resellers and motivating them towards realizing higher performance. Since some companies have never used the distribution people, the leadership while requiring the hiring of the new sellers. The main challenge is looking for the right sales candidate during the recruitment process.

While hiring the different sales individual, it is important to conduct evacuations of the respective candidates versus the direct sales people. The distribution channels can only be understood through the analysis of their various constituents. Additionally, functions and contributions similarly need to be analyzed. The channels can be seen to consist of different networks of independent businesses that work if properly aligned with the manufactures and consumers demands.

The direct sales structure are subject to variation across the countries and industries, but all the available channels can be described through the use of simple contexts such as density, variety, directness. The major challenge experienced in channel management is keeping the members motivated to achieve their day to day activities. The profitability of the channel members is a driver to the company but fails to affect channel member satisfaction and motivation (Avinash, 3).

Question 5: Marketing strategies

A target market refers to the group of individuals who are likely to buy what is being sold. There are several factors to consider in acquiring the target market. First of all, the individual will be required to understand the problems he is aiming to solve. A proper definition of the target market enables good understanding of the problems that the business aims to solve. Secondly, he needs to paint the picture f the customer by starting a list of different types of customers from the problems solved by the business. Grouping them by locations is important. More information needs to be acquired about the potential customers. Thirdly, the friend needs to ask herself who will gain from the value being offered. Similarly, there is need to address to whom the problems will be troublesome and those who will lose most by not dealing with the problems.

While thinking about the market, the individual should consider niche. For example, currently, people do not fall, prisoners of television schedules, since they can watch whatever they want at their convenience. The individual needs a fantastic method of delivering personalized products through limiting the distribution challenges that was initially experienced in the business. While addressing the previous challenges, the individual will easily earn reputation, and through the previous knowledge, it is possible to start a segment of the market. The segmentation can focus on working with particular types of people, in a creating geographical location or around the market sectors (Grant, 3). Also in deciding the types of the market to pursue, there is need to look for areas of expertise, having unique knowledge of the geographical area and developing skills of getting along with the customers.

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