Beyond Gaming: The Nintendo Switch Explored

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The report is prepared to focus on marketing planning with the effect of different aspects of facts obtained in regards to the significance of marketing in the organization. Marketing planning will comprise information concerning Nintendo Switch in which planning is needed to maintain the organization in the competitive market. The appropriate research will be carried out to determine the requirement of marketing planning in the organization to present a proper set of information. The organization will be provided with marketing analysis. This marketing analysis will comprise the marketing plan for Nintendo switch and SWOT analysis of the marketing plan. The factors that affect effective plan implementation include lack of coordination, cultural factors, and the availability of funds. All the ethical issues attached to the organization will be described in this report to provide effective and appropriate information to the organization. This will enable the organization to move toward the edge of success and sustainability.


A.C 1.1

Marketing is an important aspect connected with the organization. The organization has to ensure that it has planned all the perspectives of marketing in advance to assure sustainability since the market is unpredictable. Marketing provides a blueprint to the organization which ascertains the organization that it will able to attract adequate buyers towards its product (Harts & Baker, 2016). Marketing planning helps the organization to be sure that it will have a competitive advantage to the target market and reduces the risks of uncertainties. Every organization involved in a market with a high competition should prepare for a change. The most important factor associated with marketing planning is preparing for the change. People’s requirement in the market changes with time. Therefore, the organization has to bring some changes to fulfill these requirements with the help of marketing planning. The changing perspectives in marketing planning include:

Technological aspects; this perspective brings a huge change in the entire process in the marketing planning of the business. For example, marketing on the internet sites will attract a sufficient number of customers toward the Nintendo switch. Therefore, purposing to do marketing online will enable the organization to broadcast adequate and effective information to more consumers. Marketing aspects; another perspective is the competition in the market. Currently, competition is ever-increasing in the market (Heinemann & Richard, 2015). Therefore, the organization will have to market and promote the product according to the strategies of the competitor. For example, competition for Nintendo switch is intensifying in the market. Therefore, the organization will have to do marketing according to PS4 Rivals to attract buyers toward the switch. Political aspects; the organization should keep in mind the political policies in regards to the changing requirements of political aspects. For example, it is important for Nintendo to make changes in regards to the requirements of political parties that come into power.

A.C 1.2

Nintendo switch has been selling like a hot cake best as console ever since launch (Dassayanake, 2017). Therefore, it is necessary for the organization to evaluate its future marketing activities. The organization will get the market requirements to be fulfilled when it gets involved with such type of activities. Various core competencies of Nintendo switch include the switch can be played docked or undocked, the game developers profits as Nintendo profits and so the customers, more game developers are able to team up with Nintendo to release their game on the console and the principle of taking Dark Soul is applicable to any game on the Nintendo Switch even if the graphics are less than stellar handheld. The positive aspects of Nintendo Switch include popularity all over the world, exclusivity of the console that makes more people want it, easy to set up the switch and play in handheld mode and can be played by any person from 4 years to 95 years old (Dassayanake, 2017). The negative aspect attached with Nintendo Switch include switch dies after 20 hours of play, lack of Nintendo services online and the game becoming sluggish when it has lower frame rates.

Situational Analysis

A.C 1.3

There is an availability of various techniques which can be used in reviewing the Nintendo Switch. These methods can also be useful in analyzing the external factors that are shaping the marketing planning of Nintendo Switch. It is important for auditing of Nintendo Switch to be done regularly. All the aspects of the organization can be managed effectively with this kind of activity. Auditing also removes vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is necessary for the organization to apply a certain set of auditing technologies for effective outcomes. These techniques include:

A.C 1.4, 3.1

SWOT analysis: The organization will able to collect information concerning the areas of strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by the help of SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis will help the auditor to identify the areas that the organization needs to focus on and improve. With the support of SWOT analysis, the auditor could obtain an effective set of facts concerning the internal process of the organization. PESTLE analysis: The auditor needs to analyze the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors associated with the organization.  These are the external factors that might change the operation of the organization (Taghian, 2016). The auditor will able to make an effective decision concerning the procedures and policies of the business after gaining the information regarding all these aspects. Auditor of Nintendo Switch will be able to examine these factors to bring out required changes in the organization.

Nintendo Switch SWOT analysis (Dassayanake, 2017)



Sales speak for themselves

The exclusivity of console compels marketing tactic

Console can be played at home or on the go

It is simple to set up the switch and play in handheld mode

A four year old to 95 year old can play the switch

The game become sluggish when it has lower frame rates

The switch dies after playing the game for 20 hours

Delayed Nintendo Switch online



The switch can be played docked or undocked

The game developers profits as Nintendo profits and so the customers

More game developers are able to team up with Nintendo to release their game on the console

The principle of Take Dark Soul is applicable to any game on the Switch

Switch is not the most powerful in the market

People don’t  love the price tag of the switch

Turning old switch to new is irritating customers

Nintendo Switch PESTLE analysis

Political factors: Each nation has its political requirements and formalities that can affect the efficiency of the company. So, it is necessary for Nintendo to have plans that are adjustable with every country. Economic factors: Every country has its own norms of the economic system that can affect the operation of the organization. Some economic factors include exchange rates, inflation rates, and interest rates and so on. Social factors:  the organization needs to keep the norms of the society in mind that is beneficial to them as it performs its activities (Taghian, 2016). Legal factors: Each country across the world has its legal norms and breaking them can be a big risk to the organization. Technology factors: Technology keeps changing perpetually. Nintendo provides products that are associated with technology (Dasssayanake, 2017). Therefore, Switch needs to be upgraded and updated to survive in the market. Environmental Factors: The organization should ensure all the activities carried out are friendly to the environment to avoid legal actions.

Barriers to Marketing Planning

A.C 2.1, 2.2

Barriers in the marketing develop tension and anxiety to the sales and marketing team. The main barriers to marketing plan include demographic factors. These factors can affect the whole planning of the organization. It comprises the distribution of age, the population’s growth rate and so on. Economic factors: Economic trends influence the purchasing power of the buyer that can further impact the profit of the organization (Hollensen, 2015). Cultural factor: the tastes and lifestyle of people keep changing putting a major impact on the sales and profit of the organization. Political factors:  It includes law, policies, and legal issues and they act as a barrier to the organization.  Technology: the organization has to be upgraded with the current technology to get work done. In order for the organization to overcome the barrier to marketing planning the marketing manager need to strategize before approach, situate marketing within undertakings, share values concerning  marketing, structure within the market, survey the environment systematically, summarize SWOT analysis information, have necessary skills and experience, systemize the process, sequence objectives and support style and culture.

Marketing Planning

A.C 3.1, 3.3

The organization will require making small changes in defining how the product can be used to extend the length of the product life cycle so that it can sell more of the product to the same customers because the customers would want to use the product for a longer period of time (Heinemann & Richard, 2015). The techniques to examine a new modification in the organization include product idea brainstorming, evaluating the ideas, evaluation of the market, analyzing the competitive situation, sampling, and marketing, testing the market and preparing to launch the product.

A.C 3.1, 3.4

Pricing policy: Pricing policy of Nintendo mainly concentrates on the customers who are willing to higher prices for quality product. Distribution: Nintendo Switch has very effective distribution systems. Nintendo is able to acquire the largest segment of the market through an effective distribution system. Communication mix:  Through communication mix, the accurate message can be provided to the correct person (Harts & Baker, 2016). Therefore, communication mix reinforces an organization for successful marketing of the product. Nintendo Switch puts emphasis on the communication mix to influence buyers to buy its product. It uses advertising technique to pass the information about the product to target customers.

Ethical Issues

AC 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

One of the aspects that influence the organization to develop a marketing plan is competition. The organization prepares the marketing plan to ensure it attains the competitive positioning that does not contain any unethical competitive strategy. The organization should ensure the advertising of its product incorporates the name of the competitors in any set of contrast to achieve competitive positioning in the market (Hollensen, 2015). It is important that the organization provides what it's advertising to customers. It should focus on the customers. The marketing of the organization should not deliver any information that contains wrong content or message that can interfere with beliefs and value of people. Promotion of the product must avoid focusing on the ethics of people in the market. It is the unethical issue to provide customers with false statements in the advertisement regarding the product and so forth.

A.C 3.1



Start Date


Selecting the mission


2 September 2018

16 September 2018

Setting objectives


10 September 2018

22 September 2018

Market analysis


22 September 2018

1 October 2018

SWOT analysis


2 October 2018

12 October 2018

Marketing Hypothesis

On going

2 October 2018

12 November 2018

Marketing objectives and Strategies

In progress

2 October 2018

20 November 2018

Business Forecasting


2 October 2018

20 October 2018

Alternate plan

On going

2 October 2018

23 November 2018

Budgeting Alternate plan


23 September 2018

2 October 2018

Plan Implementation

In progress

2 October 2018

1 November 2018


The marketing plan is one of the important aspects connected with any organization. An organization carries out an appropriate market research to gain sufficient information concerning the needs of the customers. The organization is able to move on the verge of sustainability and success due to proper planning. Putting all ethical issues into consideration enables the organization gains the trust of the buyer


Dassanayake, D. 2017. Nintendo Switch News-PS4 Rival expected to be one of the best-selling consoles ever. [Online]. The Express. Available from:[ Accessed 28 October 2018]

Harts, C. J., & Baker, M. J. 2016. The Marketing Book Sixth Edition Oxford, Elsevier

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Edition London. Prentice Hall

Taghian, M. 2016. “Marketing Planning: Operational Management aliasing the market orientation strategy”, Journal of Marketing Management, vol. 26, no.10, pp. 812-835

September 18, 2023



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