Black Social Sciences and African Studies

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The Fundamental Motivation for Teaching Social Studies

The fundamental motivation for teaching social studies has been an intense kind of research for a very long period. For a long time, authors from many ethnic origins have sought to come up with a solution. Among the initiatives are the incorporation of various legal and political strategies using the conventional teaching methodologies and emphasizing core subjects like history.

Developing Alternatives in Social Studies

Many scholars working today have developed alternatives to the topic at hand that are in some way risky. Additionally, most of these scholars undertake a regular search of the matter in efforts to cause an increment in the diversity of the program (Jean and Joan, 2013). With the high level of conflicts on what should get done in an attempt to the focus, as well as the objective of its perspectives, as well as more in-depth facts about the region in question. With the fact that that the social teaching has a variety of social science subjects that have general personal forms of research, the field works to gravitate their focus on the purpose of the discipline. Example of such gravitate approaches includes the multicultural, as well as the social justice teaching (James, John and Ruth, p 11). This artifact makes use of the social studies training investigation approaches in finding more information through the use of its publications. This study gathers knowledge from across all ethnic backgrounds in offering a better way of studying social studies.

The Impact of Social Studies Research

Our positions of being social studies researchers enable us to make use of modern ways of life, as well as the future instructions from the field to work towards achieving social fairness. Additionally, the study made investigations on the social studies impact in coming up with a theoretical working frame, which goes hand in hand with the developing truth within the discipline's research and other operations. The social studies die not work to represent the entire field of study. Instead, it makes use of various frameworks within the area to come up with the developments in the social studies projects, as shown in the journal. For example, the review of African reviews as a form of epistemic recognition enables the researchers to understand the way African thinkers derived their kind of knowledge. Through the use of this study, our team of investigator requested what the drawings from our field say about the social justice direction, as it is an indication by the top journals in this study (McDougal 2014, 260). Additionally, we confronted various ideas, as well as duties of organizations in the society in regards to social studies procedures of the inductive approach. This type of principle of justice emanates from the highest point of purpose that defines truth, while at the same time touching on a range of posts from the team ambers within the study.

The Social Studies Approach to Fairness

The social studies method in regards to fairness gets handled with respect with the context, whole putting its focus on the happenings in the real world where there might be the presence of injustice. The approach enables us to come up with some ways of coming up with social studies research that will nurture the idea of justice and truth within the society. Take, for example, African studies shed light on some African characteristics such as culture, empowerment historical collection and such (McDougal 2014, 260). Similarly, epistemology in American experiences helps us to comprehend American worships democracy in a way that enables the distinction of consciousness that they have experienced in their lifelong. Also, the new personnel in the discipline are not unique to its concept, since in one way or another; they have encountered various forms of inhumane acts. As a result, the researchers firm the west believes that research should always remain reliably apolitical, as well as impartial, compared to being subjective.

Question two

According to Helm (1990, 67), racism refers to the notions, actions, as well as behaviors that have their roots on the phenotypic attributes, as well as ethical affiliations. It is a struggle that, up to the modern day, has remained a significant discussion. It dictates on how people get perceived in other different ethnicities. In the book TA-Nehisi, Coates recalls incidences in the American history and tells the same to his son the various form of racial violence that emanates from some American beliefs. He goes ahead to account on his childhood. Coates explains how multiple organizations such as learning institutions, streets, as well as the public police engage in the risking, and threatening the skinning of the black people. Most of the support gets inspired from Baldwin. Contrary to James, Coates views the presence of the whites as an abiding force that the African-Americans will never avoid. Instead, it will always be there to get fought. However, the race is nothing but a social belief made by the humans in the attempt of classifying the world. The intensity of racism tends to differ from person to person, community to community, or even family to family. Additionally, racism can change the way person views life in all their lifetime period, since unlike internal forms of change; racism gets based on the physical aspects. Additionally, occupation, social status, as well as roles are examples of elements that changed dictated by racism (Coates 2015, 56). It is the white people who are always on the racism idea, making the minority Africans get stressed about this issue.

The Impact of Racism in the Modern Society

Additionally, the white community is always the first to deny the impacts caused by the vice of racism within the modern society. More so, there are those characters that still make the skin color of Africans to be inferior to that of the whites. It is such kinds of stereotypes like Africans are robbers, or Mexicans having large families that tend to promote the issue of racism in the American society (Allen et al. 1991, 26). Other occasions that encourage racism are the ideas of agreeing to programs that appear to favor a particular type of people with a given skin color. For instance, the offering of financial aids to the African-American population, or even selecting students in a given university, based on their racial backgrounds. Although this aspect is legal, it quantifies the issue of racism within the American society. Other forms of racism were in existence way back, before Martin Luther came openly on it, or even before the Congress made decisions to come up with laws that operate on racism.

Exploiting Beliefs Regarding Social Studies Education

It is evident that people's beliefs regarding social studies education are still to get fully exploited. As a result, investigators from various ethnic backgrounds have incorporated multiple efforts of coming up with a natural way of carrying out the social training on the topic. In social research, it is crucial to define and make explicit epistemology assumptions because it helps to shape the public policies governing people. Moreover, epistemology is fundamental is designing our mindset. The perspectives that we learn from epistemology are not only essential in academic experiences, but also in shedding light about the sources of various influences in the society. By using different models, one can understand the assumption that we have about different groups of people. For example, it this text, we get to identify the epistemic questions emerging from the African American community. African epistemology studies identify the beliefs and characters of the black people and how they influence their day-to-day interactions.

The Meaning of African Education

By learning such aspects enables one to be in a position to speak for what they believe. Also, other people in the society will understand the effects of oppression, inter-sectionalism, and liberation. As a result, epistemology as a form of science entails the studying of nature, the broader picture of the universe, knowing much as of those who know, as well as getting to familiarize with what can get recognized. More so, a lot of individuals tend to miss the meaning of African Education since its epistemic nature usually gets subjected to that of the reductionist form of study. However, the African Education entails elements such as the African history, economics, aesthetics, politics, psychology and so forth.


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