Breaking Bad - Bryan Cranston, Gus Fring, and Jane Margolis

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Breaking Bad is a popular TV show that paid off on plot points and character motivations. While some of the episodes were predictable, the show itself was never simple. The show has already inspired several films, including a possible sequel. Here are some of the most interesting characters on the show: Walt White, Gus Fring, and Jane Margolis. Read on to learn about their relationships and how they became involved in the meth business.

Walt White

A new Netflix original series has a star cast, and Bryan Cranston is one of them. He played the angst-ridden, cancer-ridden Walt White in the critically acclaimed series, which premiered in December 2009. Cranston's performance on the show won him several awards, including the Primetime Emmy. He is also the first actor to win the Critics' Choice Award, the Golden Globe, and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. In addition to Breaking Bad, Cranston also reprised his role as Walt in the El Camino sequel movie and the prequel Better Call Saul.

In a memorable scene in which Walt learns he has cancer, he tells his family and refuses expensive chemotherapy for fear that his family will remember him as a burden and an invalid. He refuses Gretchen's offer to pay for his treatment. Upon his return home, Walt and Jesse resume their lives in the drug business, and the show's audience is able to see that he is no longer the same person he was before.

Gus Fring

"Breaking Bad" revolves around the character of Gustavo "Gus" Fring, a major narcotics distributor from Chile. He also appeared in the series Better Call Saul. Gus is played by Giancarlo Esposito. In the show, Gus runs several different drug operations using legitimate businesses as a front. The show has earned a lot of praise from fans and critics alike.

While Gus Fring is a fascinating character, we know very little about his background. He is a bachelor with no known children, and works for a dangerous business. His "profession" involves juggling a lot of balls at once, which means he is often in a state of constant upheaval. Moreover, his past with the Cartel has left him with many grudges and may be planning to avenge the death of his closest friend, Walter White.

Walt's romance with Jane Margolis

It's been a while since we've talked about Walt Heisenberg and Jane Margolis's romance on Breaking Bad, but what is their relationship all about? Will they ever get together? Is their relationship doomed to fail? Or are we simply supposed to love them anyway? That's the question many fans are asking. And if it's doomed, how?

The relationship between Walt and Jane is complicated by her strained past, and her addiction. Although they seem to have a loveless relationship, they have a connection through Walt's brother Jesse. Walt, meanwhile, resents Jesse's decision to kill him, claiming he was not in the mood for a relationship. But how did she know that he was a drug addict? The answer lies in his own past.

Walt's involvement in the meth business

The meth business is a controversial one, with the show's plot centered around the relationship between Walter White and Walt Gilligan. Walt is a chemistry teacher and meth head. He becomes so involved in the meth business that he kills distributors. One such example of his involvement is when Walt chains a meth distributor in the basement. In this episode, Walt is torn between helping this man and killing him.

As the show unfolds, Walt's meth business is growing exponentially. He earns $80 million from meth, and after a year and a half, he retires from the drug business. However, his wife, Skyler, and their teenage son, Hank, eventually discover his involvement in the meth business and decide to break up with him. In the aftermath of the show, Walt becomes a notorious crystal meth dealer, and dies in a fully equipped meth lab.

Walt's relationship with Hanks

The series' most notable episode is "Confessions" in which Walt spins an elaborate story about a move to a new city and starting anew. It is a veiled attempt to keep Jesse out of Hank's clutches in Albuquerque without killing him. In this way, Walt is able to clear Skyler of her criminal activities. But Walt's actions may have had more disastrous consequences than they realized.

In the episode "Walt and Hanks," Hank tries to convince Marie to join him on an impromptu spa trip, but she turns him down. Instead, he invites her over to his house and shows her the guest room where Jesse is fast asleep. While explaining why they must bring him home, Marie asks if having Jesse in their house will hurt Walt. Hank assures her that his relationship with Hank is still intact, but he reminds her of the last witnesses against Walt in local prisons.

Walt's relationship with Gus Fring

Gus Fring's character is a DEA booster with a passion for fried chicken, which is part of Gus's image. He visits the hospital to visit Walt and console Marie, and he also mentions that he met Agent Schrader earlier. The meeting is the last opportunity for Gus to thank Walt, and he asks Walt whether Gus's presence is a message.

As a part of the DEA, Walt is often in danger of being implicated in Gale's death. However, Gus supports Walt by hiding in plain sight. This makes Walt even more vulnerable to the DEA's interrogation. In fact, Walt's family is threatened by Gus because he has helped the DEA get Gale's killer. Despite Walt's fears, Gus's involvement in the death of Gale makes Gus more dangerous and threatening than ever.

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