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Can parents be held accountable for their children's conduct in public and at school?

Immorality will influence the model of choices they will make in the future, which will have a significant effect on their living conditions. Nonetheless, an unethical culture would cause the younger generation to drop out of school in search of a better way of life. In the long term, the city will see an uptick in the number of criminal gangs, causing social instability. In those cases, law enforcement is forced to stage defensive measures in order to provide a safer working atmosphere for the vast majority of society. The attainment of morals, ethics, and character in the society will help attain development as the public will demonstrate an instance of integrity. However, religion will help shape the type of behaviors that the children exhibit in society. Despite the multiple programs initiated by the local governments, the influence of the parent in raising children portrays the type of morals that they are to display in public because people will often want to identify the child’s origin.



: A Child’s Morals in the Society

Dohoon Lee, S. M. (2015). Family Structure Transitions and Child Development Instability, Selection, and Population Heterogeneity. American Sociological Review, 738 - 763.

The article discusses the concept of family unity and the influence that it offers to the child’s upbringing. The author further indicates that the issue of instability will affect the child’s development. However, these effects depend on the type of change and assessed outcomes. It further raises a debate in the outcomes of a single parented family and a family with both parents raising the child. The context of credibility is derived from the issues of further research on the future practices expected from these families. Alternatively, the results attained from the article indicate that the issues of family structure often determine the model of character displayed. Such a factor demonstrates the issues of reliability to the topic.

Lerner, R. M., & Spanier, G. B. (2013). Child Influences on Marital and Family Interaction: a Life-Span Perspective. Burlington: Elsevier Science.

The book talks about the child’s influence on the marital and family interaction. An instance of limited conversation and interaction with the children create a conflicting model of the act from the children. Children ten seek alternative places of interaction that later affects the moral that they display in society. The book further explores the conceptual, empirical, and methodological issues in the study of a family displaying the issues of credibility to the topic. However, the aspect of relevance can then be attained from the impact that the child can offer to marriage.

KYousafzai, D. A. (2014). Effect of integrated, responsive stimulation and nutrition interventions in the Lady Health Worker programme in Pakistan on child development, growth, and health outcomes: a cluster-randomised factorial effectiveness trial. The Lancet, 1244-1245.

The article discusses the issue of nutrition to a child’s development. A child’ feeding will have a direct impact on the development of the brain cells. In the long run, these children will have the ability to understand the type of actions that have to be executed in public. The relevance of the article to the topic can be witnessed from the cognitive and language scores that the children are demonstrating. Furthermore, an absence of enhanced nutrition has a significant impact on the child’s growth and further analysis of mediating variables will need to be implemented. The credibility of the sources is derived from the methods discussed on improving the child’ nutrition and the model of analyzing a child’s character in relation to the health and malnourished children.

James K. Rilling, L. J. (2014). The biology of mammalian parenting and its effect on offspring social development. Science, 771-776.

A mammalian model of raising a child will create an alternative way of representation in society. The article discusses the different ways that a parent should apply in having and caring for a child. According to the author, the parent often creates a bond with the offspring, creating the need to protect the child. The article’ relevance to the topic is based on the actions that a parent directs to the child as they are growing. However, the issue of credibility can be derived from the actions that are discussed regarding the behaviors of mammals in the raising of a child.

Xu, J. (2017). The healthy child: moral development in a Chinese preschool. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

The book discusses the importance of education to the development of a child. The majority of children that have not attained sufficient education will have difficulty in displaying good morals. The book further concentrates on the behavior of children in the different region with Shanghai posturing as an example. The credibility of the sources can be attained from the increasingly competitive and a changing environment relating to the character that the children will display. However, reliability is linked to the need to analyze the character that children display in society in relation to the type of education that they receive.

Sherwin, B. L., & Cohen, S. J. (2015). Jewish ethical values: a sourcebook of classic texts and their practical uses for our lives. Woodstock: Jewish Lights Publishing.

The book discusses the impact of religion on the character that children display. Parents are often held responsible for the aspect of instilling faith to their children as they grow. The author discusses the impact of the Jewish ethical literature to the upbringing of children. Nevertheless, relevance is derived from the importance that religion has over the behavior that a child will offer in society. Similarly, credibility is witnessed in certain sections of the book as parents are being provided with advice. For example, parents are often cautioned not to become so flexible with the target of encouraging moral anarchy on the side of the child.

Flugel, J. C. (2013). Man, Morals, and Society: A Psychoanalytical Study. New York: Literary Licensing.

The book discusses the model of expression that an individual should demonstrate in society. It further relates to the actions that the children are likely to grasp from the older adults that live in these communities. The book further discusses the impact of immorality to the society and the best way that an individual can apply to improve behavior in the community. Relevance to the topic can be derived from the dangers of immorality that are being discussed in the book. Failure to consider the public will have a direct impact on the coming generation hindering the level of development that I likely to be achieved. On the other hand, the credibility of the sources is based on the information that the authors provide relating to the model of expression that a man should display in public.

Frankel, S. (2012). Children, morality, and society. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

The book discusses the type of character that is displayed by children from different states in America. For example, the author publishes the work of the Chicago School reflecting the slow evolutionary process towards acceptance of an individual as a moral meaning creator. Despising an individual’s ability increases an aspect of slow development and growth of immorality in society. The young generation will have minimal respect for their peers, teachers, and the older adults in the community. Similarly, the aspect of relevance is derived from the model of expression that the schools should provide with relation to the process of developing morality in society. Alternatively, appropriateness of the sources is subject to the cultural units that are pointed out in the book. Culture has a significant impact on the child’s behavior and the type of activities that are considered as a taboo.

Barnwell, P. (2016). Students' Broken Moral Compasses. The Atlantic, 1-9.

The article discusses the need, to tell the truth when an unjust action has been committed in the classroom or society. According to the narrator in the article, an aspect of unity is witnessed in children as the majority finds it hard to expose their peers’ immorality. Alternatively, an individual seen to go against this protocol is termed as a snitch and subjected to significant amounts of discrimination. Such associations in the schools are creating an uprising in the spread of immorality in society, affecting the type of decisions that these children will make at a later age. The relevance of the sources is linked to the interpretations that the children have regarding immorality and how they would conduct themselves in correcting the vice. Nevertheless, the issue of credibility is related to the degree of need for these children to be taught about morality, ethics, and character.

Tait, P. (2017). We should be teaching morals and ethics in our schools. The Telegraph, 1-9.

The source discusses the need to include moral and ethics in the school curriculum. The author points out the need for social responsibility since many journals publish about actions and behavior that show an aspect of the absence of self-regulation. A proper foundation needs to be laid on how best the teachers and parents can impact morals in their children and not create a window for gangs. Creation of freedom to the population will profoundly influence the need for change to the children and adults in the society. The author further points out the aspect of tax evasion, and avoidance in society and people are walking unpunished. It then leaves the community with limited opportunities of ignoring the illegal practices that are being conducted in public. The aspect of credibility is witnessed in discussions of providing a lesser degree of greed and increase the need to have a social responsibility in society. The reader identifies the impact of integrity to the society and the future generation with relation to morals and character.

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