Coca-Cola TV Commercial

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Coca-Cola TV advertisements take into account communication style, which is important in cross-cultural advertising. In truth, Coca-Cola TV advertisements include messages that are tailored to specific regions, taking into account the culture of each country. Coca-Cola commercials like "Share a Coke" and "Open Happiness" are universal, however the communication aspect varies by area. Indeed, the campaign focuses on attracting an audience's attention through various emotions in various places (""Share A Coke To Open Happiness!!!""). For example, in the United States, this Coca-Cola ad evokes feelings of freedom or individualism, yet in China, the identical TV commercial promotes patriotism or unity.  Examining Coca Cola `s ‘‘Share a Coke’’ and ‘‘Open Happiness’’ TV commercial in the United States and China, it is apparent that theme of happiness and festivity is common, an aspect people of all the cultures in the U.S and China comprehend. However, the ‘‘Share a Coke’’ and ‘‘Open Happiness’’ commercials have different images and background music that depicts the culture of the two nations. The design facet of the commercial suggests that in China the product will create a unity that is very crucial in a state that is collectivist. On the other hand, in America, it will result in the growth of friendship. In terms of festivity, in the American culture, the commercial advert connotes how Coca-Cola establishes strong ties between the individuals in the extremely relaxed circumstances and state. However, in China, the same festivity actually is depicted in a manner that is more rigid pertaining to the main features of the Chinese culture such as the orthodox associations between opposite sexes. Contrary to this, Coca-Cola TV commercial is employed as the advertising tool of bringing together the opposite sexes. Perhaps, this is because of the conservative society that is found in China contrary to America`s more open-minded culture (Yuvaraju, Subramanyam and Rao 122-131).

In conclusion, it is evident that the Coca-Cola TV commercials reflect the culture of the various regions in which they target the consumers. The ‘‘Share a Coke’’ and ‘‘Open Happiness’’ advert despite depicting the common themes of festivities and happiness, it depicts unity in China while in the US it depicts friendship.

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May 02, 2023

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