Come Drink with Me

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Come Drink with Me: An Analysis of the Opening Sequence

Come Drink with Me, a 1996 film produced and directed by Run Run Shaw and Kung Hu, depicts China's challenging political situation. These occurrences all work against those whose opinions of others are diverse and unfavorable. In order to analyze the feelings and emotional mingling it has on a viewer, this study narrows its focus to specific aesthetic assessments and concentrates on the movie's opening sequence. The study focuses on the opening two minutes of the video and examines the elements of camera position and movement, editing and rhythm, character and sound, as well as editing and rhythm. The movie begins with a wide-angle view of a hill, from a distant, remaining still for a few seconds, but makes a slow movement at 1:10 minutes as a man appears. The other scenes remain in still camera until men in chariots appear closer to the region they are barred from passing. The camera shakes a little in the same pace as the carts but takes another recording while still until the master gets a letter demanding a release of the people.

Sharp Editing and Rhythmic Sound

The editing is sharp and uses no graphic transitions. The editor wanted to pass information to the viewers by showing scenes for long, like the walking of the warriors in war carts. When the master gets the letter, it shows by a close-up imaging, most likely to show the facial expression. The man who takes the letter to him stays still and wears a soldier-like expression at that time. While editing, the mixture with the sounds is clear and rhythmic, beginning from the first second as people come from a distance. Their approach to the area where they are barred mixes with the shaking of the chariots and squeaking sounds from the metallic wheels of carts. Such is a perfect combination of sound and video. The mixture of drum and flute to the first minute carries with it the possible occurrence of terror.

Character Proxemics and Wide Angles

Character proxemics depends much on the event in description. The video has much war in it, and the people must remain closer in the case of an attack. The camera operators were at a far distance from the characters in the movie, but looked like they zoomed so much when shooting, and still maintained the camera focus. However, the characters themselves were closer to each other as it happens with most soldiers. The proxemics here indicated the desire of the movie directors to show the environment by keeping the camerapersons far from them and capturing at wide angles. Such is common in most videos in the introduction to the viewers.

The Importance of the Opening Scene

The choice of this two-minute scene is because of the attention it gathers. Most people are glued to a video from the beginning if impressed. All the issues pointed above can either prove the ability of the camerapersons and editors in showing the video. An individual who also wants to learn about the analysis of the video may not skip to the late minutes. People mostly keep to the first few minutes as their points of interest.

Personal Reflection and Conclusion

The chosen scene has two effects on me. First, I look at the video and connect the principles of camera work and editing styles to the knowledge I have. I become aware of the different uses of artistic styles in the media field when editing. As a viewer, I remain entertained glued with expectations of what would happen next.

In conclusion, these aspects of camera use, editing, sound, proxemics, and rhythm are outstanding in the movie and influence the viewers’ ideas about films. This movie used a wide angle, rhythmic music, and perfect editing to capture the viewers and keep them glued.

Work cited

Hu, Kung. "Come Drink with Me." You Tube, Run Run Shaw, 1996, Accessed 9 Feb. 2017.

April 06, 2023

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