Customer Relationship Management

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Increase subscription revenues by >50% annually for the first 3 years.

Intensive marketing campaign to increase the number of subscriptions from companies.

Increase company profitability.

Net profit for the entire

Increase by > 5% each year.

Increase Mobile application subscribers. Minimize losses by strengthening protection of the company’s intellectual property and copyright against theft and infringement.

Minimize operational expenses

Operating costs.

Reduce the costs of operation by at least 3% each year.

Implement an accounting system that simplifies the billing operations.

Employing a small but effective marketing team to enjoy the economies of large scale.



Quality of the on-premises CRM software developed

Bugs detected

< 2 bugs for all new releases

Quality team test the product in the development environment and fix any bugs before implementing in the production environment for the customers

Availability of the cloud-based CRM

Uptime of the hardware, software and the application

99.999 % availability of the server, network, and CRM application

Systems, network administrators and the operations team monitor performance of the servers, network and application using monitoring and alerting tools

Order processing and delivery of service

Online order fulfillment within 24 hours

100% orders processed

Customer purchasing subscriptions online and making payments should be able to complete all the tasks and receive an acknowledgment within 24 hours

Learning and Growth


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January 19, 2024


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