Data Analysis and Interpretation

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Who will analyze the data (and who will coordinate this effort)? The data collected will be analyzed by the researchers who are conducting the study. The researchers will also coordinate the effort of analysis.


How will data be analyzed and displayed?

The analyzed data will be displayed using tables and graphs.


Against what “standards” will you compare your interpretations in forming your judgments?

The standards that will be used in the interpretation of the data and the formation of the judgments are the current beliefs and the findings that have been conducted by other researchers who have studied this topic.


Who will be involved in making interpretations and judgments and what process will be employed?

The researchers conducting the study are responsible for making judgments and interpretations. The process that will be employed is that of creating comparisons and finding the impact created after carrying out the research. The studies that have been conducted earlier will also be considered, and the results will be used making judgments and interpretations.


How will you deal with conflicting interpretations and judgments?

In dealing with the conflicting judgments and interpretations, the researchers will take a look at the experts' point of view. More in-depth studies will be carried out to ensure that the contentious point is well understood and the judgment made is conclusive. Further studies will be suggested in such a case, and this is in a bid to ensure that the right determination is made.


Are your results similar to what you expected? If not, why do you think they are different?

Many of the findings that were found were expected. However, there are few results whose outcome was not expected. The difference was because of the information that was presented and the way that the data collected was analyzed.


Are there alternative explanations for your results?

There are alternative explanations.


How do your results compare with those of similar programs?

The results that were obtained were similar to those that were obtained from other programs that are similar.


What are the limitations of your data analysis and interpretation process (e.g., potential biases, the generalizability of results, reliability, validity)?

The data that was presented by participants could not reflect the reality. Analysis of such data means that the results found could not be correct.


If you used multiple indicators to answer the same evaluation question, did you get similar results?

Yes, the results that were obtained were similar.


Will others appropriately interpret the findings?

Yes, this is because the analysis conducted was comprehensive.

August 21, 2023
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