Data Warehouse and Data Marts - Samsung and Sony Eriksson

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Among the firms that employ mobile analytics to create a user-friendly interface are Samsung and Sony Ericsson. They use numerous mobile analytics components, such as the server-side and library platforms, when designing mobile apps. It is also a means of increasing company competitiveness as users discover better and new applications.

As such, mobile analytics is a method for businesses to optimize the creation of mobile apps. It gives them the ability to create higher-quality applications by leveraging their values, conversion, and engagement, as well as ensuring that user expectations are set high. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for the companies to test and improve their sites while delivering the right experience to the mobile and desktop users. It offers a platform through which a cohesive strategy is used in integrating the mobile apps and different websites to cater for all the needs of their esteemed customers. It is essential in enabling them to meet their set goals in fulfilling the needs of the consumers through capitalizing on the use new technology to build on the devices presented in the market.

Traditional analytics was used to manage data from extraction to sharing with users. However as compared to the mobile analytics they could not adequately address all the key components of analytics. It fails to have the ease of use through the high cost of integrating different players in the process equally. On the other hand, the mobile analytics gives an opportunity for users to embrace self-service data and provides a full spectrum of tasks. It uses the keyword analysis to aid in identifying what people frequently search and help optimize their access as compared to traditional analytics.

June 12, 2023
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