Differences Between Mesoamerica And Ancient China

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The Mesoamerican traditions get demarcated by the favorite mosaic features that were dominant between 100-1500 CE period (Adams 2018).  Ancient China dates back to the period when the cultures of China got integrated under the influence of the Northern Song dynasty.


Agriculture existed in both China and Mesoamerica between 1000-1500 CE. Maize, in particular, grew in farms of the two ancient societies. The Ancient Chinese valued religion and carried out human sacrifices to appease gods. Consequently, the Mesoamerican culture adored maize in the belief that the gods created humans out of maize. Both the Mesoamerica and Chinese histories get characterized by inventions (Carrasco 2013). The Mesoamerica, for instance, is known for the Mayan form of writing and inscriptions which have developed into modern writing. Past Chinese dynasties created paper money, the Grand Canal as well as non-agricultural household and artifacts.  Both ancient societies tend to be characterized by an increased population which pushed for more agricultural and trading activities (JAMES 2014). Both the Chine dynasties that lasted before 100-1500 CE had well-structured political systems headed by kings and religious leaders.


Mesoamerica and ancient China differ regarding geographical locations. Pre-historic civilizations of Mesoamerica occurred after physical separations of America from the rest of Africa, Asia, and Europe.  Mesoamerica’s position never entailed any big water bodies such as the Nile River. In contrast, the Chinese civilizations first happened along the famous Yellow River during the period of Neolithic (Duncan and John 2014).  Mesoamerica developments involved the building of pyramids which got majorly used for political and religious ceremonies. Ancient China notably the Zhou dynasty, however, consisted of simple structures built with timber which were prone to moisture, insects, and fires. The Chinese song dynasty unlike dynasties in Mesoamerica concentrated in designing interlocking rooftops that enhanced the uniqueness of buildings.

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November 13, 2023

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