Dr. Seuss uses “The Lorax”

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In this situation, Dr. Seuss uses “The Lorax” to explain a variety of environmental issues. The essay is a classic example of the value of literature in the contexts of the natural world and culture. The author employs a sophisticated contextual setup that includes native flora and fauna to illustrate the primary connection between the facets of life. In this situation, he employs symbolism, metaphors, and a variety of literary devices to help us appreciate the components of his context. Ideally, the connection between people is an important part of our lives today. I think art is a vital contributor in the quest for justice and peace for coexistence in nature. The role played by each character in this article may help us to understand how human beings affect the environment around them.

First, there is a clear relationship between the characters and the environment they live. The background illustrates a conducive environment in which people tend to extract resources from the situation without caring about the impacts of their actions. One can see the evidence that the background has a clear contextual picture of what happens in our daily lives in the society. In the voice of the principal character, Lorax, one can understand the necessity of considering the long-term impacts of environmental degradations. In this context, Lorax is the hypothetical voice of the trees and the grasses that we assume in most instances when we focus on industrial developments in the society.

Using natural characters such as the Grass, Trees and the concepts of how people behave in the society allow the author to expose the ideal situations of nature and culture. Seuss succeeds in revealing how the human activities have affected the natural environment. Grasses are no longer naturally green as it used to be decades back. At the same time, swamps have lost vast volumes of water while other water bodies are negatively affected. In the meantime, people consider private pay and financial gain as the only important thing in their lives. I think the article has myriad relevance in the contemporary society. It helps us to realize and evaluate the impacts of our actions in the environment. Numerous illustrations concur with the significant implications of our cultural practices that negatively affect our health as well as the surrounding in the end. Accordingly, it is the responsibility of everyone in the society to create an environment in which every other aspect would fall into place for them. However, the routine activities people engage tend to destroy the surrounding to an extent in which the next generation may lack chances of surviving the harsh conditions of the air they breathe. Trees are disappearing while machines are emerging every day. Human populations are elevating while the resources are disappearing at an alarming rate.

People cut the trees and destroy the environment with the assumption that nobody can speak up for the natural flora. Consequently, the author uses personification to bring to light the significant impacts such activities may have on the environment. In the contexts of a tree component speaking, Lorax, we can learn that it is not ideal to focus on making the ornaments and other materials just from the trees without caring about the impacts on the different aspects of the society. If the inanimate objects had the chance of expressing their dissatisfaction with our actions then would face a fierce rivalry in the community. The author, therefore, uses the material to highlight the central importance of literature in exposing the voices of societies and human behavior.

In the contemporary society, people are chopping off trees and grass to facilitate their industrialization activities. Their actions aim at improving the financial performance without paying any attention to the impacts these events may have on the natural environments. Thus, rivers are drying up, the air is polluted, and more regions are developing into deserts at alarming rates. Lorax in the story acts as the voice of the voiceless trees in a community where business overrules the benefits of health and preservation of generational transitions. The character demonstrates how it would be if the inanimate components of the environment silently respond to our behaviors in the background. These perceptions are evident in our daily lives and decisions that organizations and the aftermath of every decision.

Moreover, several aspects of gender play a crucial role in exposing the primary influence of the cultural perspective of the society. Seuss expertly uses these elements to illustrate his ideologies in the organization. Personifying Lorax as “he” signifies the gap between the female and male gender roles in the body. Typically, there is a silent voice in the play that demonstrates the influence of humanity on the development and the progress of the universe. Gender disparity is a significant concern in the society today. In most cases, people tend to pursue the male gender as more aggressive and influential in the progress of the community. Such conditions are evident in this article. Seuss explores the aspects in numerous ways when he focuses on the issues of social injustices in the environment.

Similes and metaphoric illustrations posit the generic contemplation of the nature of societies. The story is one of a million silent springs that postulate the correlations between life and the decisions made. Ideally, our actions like those of the persona in the story result in various illnesses in the environment. One can liken the conditions to the story to those in the developing countries as well as in the industrialized regions where industrial activities take the center of every decision in life. Nobody tends to care much about the cost of pollution on the health of plants and other animals in the communities. The release of waste products is a common menace in the society. Thus, Lorax in the article claims the voice of justice to the voiceless. He explores the continuities of people’s behavior pointing at the significant contributions in the degradation of the environment.

In conclusion, this article has a lot of relevance in the contemporary society. It exposes the ills of human actions on the environment that nobody tends to consider in their business decisions. In numerous occasions, people have focused on the economic development at the expense of the natural environment. From the ongoing discussion contents in the piece, one would realize how important it would be to consider personal choices in protecting trees around us and the original materials of the environment in this case. The author used a clear language that can be understood in a broad aspect.

November 03, 2022

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