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Drives are excitatory states caused by a disruption in a mechanism called as homeostasis, which maintains body balance. According to the drive theory, organisms are born with psychological requirements that, if not met, result in negative tension. Furthermore, satisfying requirements to a sufficient level lowers the drive in an organism, allowing it to return to its homeostatic state. Needs are defined in psychology as those that humans require in order to live a normal and healthy existence (McLeod, 2007). Furthermore, they stimulate organisms to perform, and their absence causes dysfunction or death. Physical or psychological needs can exist.  Unlike psychological needs that are felt in the brain, physical needs are tangible. Abraham Maslow terms a physical need as something that is crucial in ensuring the survival of the human body. For instance, the physical needs required for animals to survive include water, food, and air (McLeod, 2007).

According to the motivational theory of the hierarchy of needs by Maslow, needs are categorized in a five stage pyramid with the most significant at the bottom. The theory states that people advance from one level to another only after needs from the other level are met. However, unidirectional movement in the hierarchy is not guaranteed owing to the various life experiences like job loss. The first four stages of the pyramid are referred to as the deficiency needs while the top stage is identified as growth needs (McLeod, 2007). The first and second stages include the physiological and safety needs referred to as the physical needs. The third and fourth stages include the self-esteem, love and belonging needs also known as the psychological needs. Additionally, to reach the highest stage known as of self-actualization, the satisfaction of deficit and growth needs have to be met.


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April 26, 2023

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