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264 views 2 pages ~ 323 words
Nursing Management of Hypovolemic and Cardiogenic Shock

Hypovolemic is a type of emergency condition where severe fluid and blood loss renders the heart incapable of pumping su...

212 views 7 pages ~ 1732 words
The Role of Family in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Based on the data presented, do you think the EARLY SAVE program has been effective in improving early recognition and r...

101 views 2 pages ~ 331 words
Cardiovascular Benefits of Controversial Foods

Dietary patterns and trending foods have some cardiovascular (CV) benefits. However, these benefits have not been unders...

130 views 2 pages ~ 383 words
High blood pressure case study

A rapid heartbeat is caused by a combination of events that affect either the heart or the arteries. They include excess...

217 views 3 pages ~ 573 words
Management of patients with refractory angina

Angina symptoms include pain, aching, discomfort in the front of the chest, and tightness. These symptoms are frequently...

289 views 5 pages ~ 1199 words
Ethnic groups particular health issues

Because of genetics, environmental factors, availability to care, and culture, each ethnic group has a unique health con...

120 views 3 pages ~ 777 words
Epidemiology and the financial impact of heart problems in children

Heart failure is a chronic condition characterized by ventricular filling distortion and blood ejection. Heart failure i...

198 views 2 pages ~ 470 words
Genogram for Mr. and Mrs. X Family Genogram of Heart Disease

Heart illness encompasses a wide spectrum of disorders that can damage the heart. Blood vessel disorders, coronary arter...

255 views 2 pages ~ 360 words
Congestive heart failure (CHF)

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a kind of cardiac disease in which the heart fails to pump enough blood to meet the bo...

224 views 7 pages ~ 1707 words
Coronary Heart Disease in Women

Coronary heart disease (C.H.D), also known as Coronary Artery Disease, is a disorder that occurs when a person's coronar...

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