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206 views 3 pages ~ 649 words
How You Really Make Decisions

Decision-making is a component of our daily lives, and it helps us use our reasoning abilities to judge possibilities or...

117 views 5 pages ~ 1166 words
What is Logic and What Function Does It Have in Knowledge Acquisition?

The human brain has been studied because it is an active organ that uses reasoning. Psychology, a study embracing even t...

277 views 2 pages ~ 299 words
The Serial Position Effect

The serial position effect is an event in which a person's memory serves to recall items displayed at the beginning and ...

238 views 4 pages ~ 933 words
Pain, Drugs and Near-Death Experiences

Recollection is the recovery of qualitative information about a specific research episode, such as where or when an inci...

266 views 9 pages ~ 2310 words
Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Parkinson's disease (PD)

In general, Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Parkinson's disease (PD) are thought to be separate infections with unique symp...

257 views 6 pages ~ 1506 words
Summary of the Most Recent Scientific Article

According to a study undertaken by the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the human brain is growing more diversified (L...

187 views 3 pages ~ 825 words
Break- Syndrome of the brain

Split-brain syndrome, also known as callosal disconnection syndrome, is a disorder characterized by a complex neurologic...

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