Earth Choice Brand Evaluation

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Earth Choice Dishwash Concentrate is a dish cleaning liquid that is formulated to penetrate through grease and baked food on the utensils to make them sparkling clean. The liquid is gentle on skin because it is free from dyes or fragrances or dyes. The liquid is available in all supermarkets at a relatively low price. Earth Choice Dishwash Concentrate is an eco-friendly product. The bottles are both recyclable and reused to ensure that every Australian family lives in a clean environment (Earth Choice, 2018).

Part 1: Consumer Behavior Analysis

     The product is used by both men and women particularly those who value and care about their environment. The brand is cheaper than other substitutes available in the market hence it mostly attract middle-income individuals who want to spend less and buy high-quality products. The consumers who purchase the product are mostly married with children because they want to protect their children from harm that comes from washing detergents that contain chemicals. Consumers are motivated to buy the product because it is an eco-friendly solution (Earth Choice, 2018). They feel that the brand is environmentally responsible, unlike other products that contain harsh chemicals that may result in severe consequences on both their health and environment.

     Earth Choice marketers use the Consumer Processing Model (CPM) to influence consumers’ behaviors in the marketplace. Consumers make decisions in a systematic and reasoned manner after analyzing the characteristics and benefits of a product. The consumers buy the Earth Choice Dishwash Concentrate when they get the information that it does not contain chemicals such as sodium and phosphate that are harmful to their hands. It is also economical because, with a little bit of this liquid, one achieves sparkling clean dishes. Consumers also follow the Hedonic Experiential Model (HEM) are influenced by images, and fantasies that provoke their emotions (Parente, & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014 p. 134). These commutations connect them to the brand and make them feel that it is their responsibility to conserve the environment.

     Canstar Blue’s (2018) conducted a survey on dishwashing where 69% of participants responded that they have tried multiple liquids when trying to discover the best in the market. Almost 58% percent of the respondents stated that they stick with the same brand when they realize that it meets their needs. Earth Choice Dishwash concentrate users (19%) stated that they use it because it is cheap and lasts longer. Moreover, 11% choose the brand because they believe it the most environmentally friendly option and also gentle with their hands (Canster Blue, 2018).

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Part 2: Earth Choice Brand Evaluation

Earth choice marketing mix includes the 4ps (product, price, place, and promotion). Earth Choice Dishwash Concentrate meets customers’ demands because it washes their dishes fasts and lasts longer than other products. It does not contain harsh chemicals such as sodium phosphorous that harm the skin. The product is eco-friendly and promotes healthy lives to all Australians homes. Earth Choice Dishwash Concentrate is cheaper than other dishwashing products. Its retail price is $1.99 for a 300ml bottle and $2.99 for a 500ml bottle. This is a price that every household in Australia can afford. The product is distributed from the manufacturers to wholesalers and then to retailers who sell to the consumers. The distribution channel is effective and the products reach the consumers in time a relatively low price. The product is readily available in all retails shops and supermarkets across the country. Promotion mix that is adopted by Earth Choice includes advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relation and direct marketing (Parente, & Strausbaugh-Hutchinson, 2014 p. 300). Types of advertising that are used to promote Earth Choice Dishwash concentrate include web-based visibility house television and radio announcements, billboards, print advertisements in newspapers, trade journals, and magazines.

Sales promotion are ways to convince the targeted market to purchase the product will include displays, demonstrations, and price incentives such as get 30% off or buy two-for-price-of-one. As a way of increasing awareness and sales, customers are given samples free of charge. Direct marketing will involve the use of technology to reach the market. Personal selling will be the most costly tool for promoting the product but result in huge sales.  The last type of promotion mix is digital marketing through company websites, social media such as Twitter and Facebook and YouTube videos. Earth Choice has uploaded several videos on YouTube that shows how to use the product.

Earth Choice differentiates from the competitors by producing products that are free from chemicals. It also sells their products at a lower price than the competitors. Earth Choice Dishwash is readily available in all retails shops and supermarkets.

Earth Choice SWOT analysis includes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The strengths are the benefits and characteristics of the product. It is the most eco-friendly in the market at a low price. The company brand name is well known by every citizen in Australia. The brand has some weaknesses that may hinder its growth in the market, for instance, it is a private brand and can be affected by government policies. Most people do not like the smell it leaves on the utensils. It does not foam quickly hence may not clean greasy dishes. The opportunities include the ability to develop and expand new product lines. The company keeps following changes and trends made by healthy-minded consumers hence it develops its own market. The product threats include the intense competition from other recognized brands.

Part 3: Brand Positioning

The market keeps on changing hence the company has to keep improving its marketing mix. The market currently knows about the existence of Earth Choice Dishwash. The promotion mix is to emphasize the benefits of using the product to increase sales. The degree of resistance is slightly significance because most people take time before changing into new products. The social media site that the company may use to reach a larger market is Facebook because they access it most often.

Company Statement

Live in a healthy clean home with environmentally friendly, plant-based Earth Choice Dishwash.


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