Effects of technology in our lives

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Technology Advancements and Their Impact

Technology advances have significantly altered how people carry out various practices. Technology has evolved in various ways, with various people employing it through the use of cell phones, computers, and various electronic media. Technology has made it easy to link people from all over the world and to make multiple activities simpler. Individuals will chat with each other using wireless networking from various technologically sophisticated computers in a matter of minutes (Beaudry,689). From listening to favorite music to visiting numerous shopping malls, technology has made any activity more effective. The use of technology has resulted in different effects in society which are both positive and negative too.

The Impact of the Internet

Many people are using the internet for different purposes. Internet is highly used in different fields like in education where different students are able to access the different researches they would like to make or be able to communicate with their lecturers freely (Flew,24).The use of the internet in education has enabled the lecturers to have online classes in different countries which will mean that the different students will not have to be physically present for them to acquire the knowledge and can aces the notes from the internet at different places. This has cut down different costs like the transport costs by the students to the different lecture rooms or being always occupied by the challenges of how to balance the class time and the working period for those who are a jobs. The internet has also been used by different companies in the marketing of different products online where they make advertisements of the different products they have to the different customers. The technological improvements has also led to an increase in the level of the communication of the different business with their customers on the changes the need to be made on the products where they normally communicate via he emails and continuous customer support care centers. These acts have created good relationships with the different customers which cease a good image of the organizations and hence attract most of the customers who leads to increased sales and hence increase in profits.

Impact of Technology in Transportation

Technology has led to the invention of the wheel in the transport industry whereby now different individuals are able to use the wheel in vehicle which offers transport. So many individuals belief on the different gains the have on using the vehicles. The vehicles are being used in the carrying of people different destinations and also in the process of carrying raw material and commodities too (McCarthy, 42). The carriage of the different commodities to the different areas is seen as a way of improving on the economic situation of a given country as there will be an increase in the transport of raw materials to the industries and also the finished commodities to the market. These activities have enable the different people to develop economically and eased the different nation’s economic growths.

Technological Advances in Healthcare

Technology has also been employed in the health sector where different researches have been made on the treatments of different illnesses which are disturbing the different personnel which makes the treatment processes to be easier. Technology has been used in the treatment of illnesses like he cancer through the use of the sophisticated machines which reduces the pain to the patients and make the process abit efficient. Researches on the right medications or on the symptoms of different illnesses can be made by the medical practitioners without the existence of delays as they are able to acquire the very fast online (Beaudry,694). Technology has also automated the different treatment processes in the hospitals whereby the information on the history of the illnesses of different patients are kept in the organizations computers to ensure that there will easier future retrieval of the patients information. With the automation process, it will mean that the different patients will be attended to in time and hence improve on the service provision the different patients hence improving on their health.

Disadvantages of Technology

Moreover, technology has been associated with different disadvantages among the individual lives. Technology through the use of the computers enables malicious individuals to access to other individuals information through the hacking process which has resulted to increased theft and loss of different resources by both individuals and organization. Different individuals are hacking man banks and organizations systems with the aim of sealing their money and important data which is crucial for the operation of the different organizations (Flew,24).The access of this data by the different individuals will mean that there will be reduced operational secrecy by the different organizations in their operations and this will make them unable to meet different planned projects as they will already be known by the malicious hackers who make cause heir downfall.


Technology has hence been quite useful among the human beings in the transformation of their lives in different sectors which has seen an improvement in their standards of living and the way they all relate with each other. The different defects of technology should be solved through creation of ethical norms among the different individuals.

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October 25, 2022
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