Encrypted messaging

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Encrypted messaging

Encrypted messaging has recently grown in popularity around the world. It is mostly used by civil servants and staff of multinational business companies working in high-security firms as a primary weapon. This evolved with the mobile boom. Sending and receiving safe messages from one user to another is what encrypted messaging entails. Connection from one end to the other is secure in the sense that it cannot be seen by anyone watching or tracing the link in transit. Messages are usually locked with a strong password on the sender's computer and decrypted on the receiver's device. As a result, the attackers' exploit is avoided. Such kind of powerful secured communication is also applied in banks in securing their customer's data; the military also uses the same communication in the field (Backes, Michael, and Peng Ning p 28).

Protection of physical assets

With the development of Information Technology, there has been a need for protection of physical assets that is networked computers, servers, and databases. Encryption protects information that is located within those assets. Encryption uses computer algorithms to convert plain text message into an unreadable disordered code. To decrypt the disorder code back to a readable text format, one needs an encryption key, some bits that decode the text. The key is usually availed by either the sender or the receiver of the message who can only use to unlock the word. This locks out or prevents attackers from accessing such information. However, computers can break an encrypted code by guessing the encrypted system. As for technical algorithms such as elliptic curve algorithm, it can be hard to break or might take a long time to break. Encryption can be used negatively used. Ransomware attacks that use encryption software have become more prevalent. Use of denial of service attacks that also use encryption software to lock out users from their computers unless they pay (Gollmann, Dieter, Fabio Massacci, and Artsiom Yautsiukhin p 71).

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