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Over the years, I have trailed the dream of proceeding with my dream program of Exercise Science from a reputable institution where I will not only grow academically but also have the capacity of making a significant impact, especially on my fellow peers. Following a thorough assessment, I decided on the Rice University Houston Texas because the institution’s mission is in line with my personal aspirations regarding my about my leadership and improve my overall appreciation of sport science. I intend to use it as a chance to be involved in a kinesiology program that will enable me to grow positively. Upon enrollment in the institution, I yearn to ensure that I reciprocate the gained determination skills towards enabling others to be assertive, which will substantially improve my overall knowledge and delivery within and out of the university. Furthermore, I target to exercise a bold thinking capacity to address any potential limitation for my fellow students to engage them optimally within the institution. I hope to explore my expert skills within the institution because I believe in any social discourse, there exist niches that can be utilized for the benefit of all stakeholders. Through the coaching background and competence in using laboratory research skills related to health science, I intend to capitalize on the opportunity to enroll in the university to be an integral part of the Rice University family.

I also look up to the opportunity of enrolling in the institution to explore my interest in innovation by making use of the resources by the National Strength and Conditioning Association to collaborate with the student fraternity, the faculty members, and the alumni through a shared understanding. To realize the feasibility of this objective, I intend to structure an overall objective that is relevant to the timescale I will spend within the institution. For the immediate future, I expect to work collaboratively with other athletes and focused individuals to streamline the concept of sport and rehabilitation research with my favorite, health. I can perceive myself joining existing startup programs with other students that will enable me to launch new training techniques. I also anticipate that while pursuing my Exercise Science Program in the Recreation and Wellness Building within the institution, I will be in a better position to evaluate health plans and make use of opportunities better and improve athlete and sport personalities’ lives significantly. After getting accustomed to the culture within the institution, I am targeting to start a company that leverages healthy trainings through the use of technology to make meaningful contributions to the society and to make the world a better place.

While I have set these ambitions that are aimed to better the learning experience at Rice University, I back it up with a rich history in practice and experience in public health that will be critical to impart others with the boldness that they need in taking up challenging opportunities. The position of a leading in various levels in my resinous academic journey enabled me to learn the skills of managing others, and I hope to share with others the criticality of keeping track of one’s health and determination levels to succeed in sports science courses. Through such initiatives, I hope that other students will be better equipped to acquire fortitude skills that they can replicate in their engagements, especially following their graduation.

September 11, 2023

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