Ethical and Holistic Approach of Conscious Marketing

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Conscious marketing entails the aspect of marketers being transparent and honest about the features of the products that they offer to the customers. Precisely, the qualities and feature of the products that the marketers claim they have should be the same features that consumers should experience while using the products. Corporate social responsibility is an approach or obligation of a business to contribute to sustainable development by providing social, economic and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. Ethical climate entails the moral atmosphere of the work environment as well as the level of ethics that are practiced in within the business.

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There are a number of reasons why a cosmetic manufacturer should build and maintain an ethical climate. For example, most cosmetic products are intended to achieve the intended purpose, and for them to maintain the efficacy they must be stored and applied at the right conditions. This means that the products can easily loose their efficacy if the consumer happens to store them in bad or extreme environmental conditions. Considering that the cosmetics are applied on the skin, in case they are affected by extreme environmental conditions they can negatively affect the skin of the consumer.

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Though it is necessary for the owners of a company to invest in areas that does not have strict and numerous labor laws since the cost of labor tends to be low, it is unethical for a company to recruit children regardless of whether there are labor laws or not. Children can be exploited by employers since they rare know their rights and even if they know, they can not have the courage of demanding them from the employer. whether there are few labor laws or not, the clothing company must be keen to ensure that the employees working for it is an adult. Moreover, the aspect of employing children in order to reduce the cost of labor beats the purpose as to why this company claims to help lower income teen girls by offering reasonably priced prom dresses. It the clothing company means its word, it should lead by example by shunning away from employing children.

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I strongly believe that an ethical decision is guided by substantial evidence. In addition. I believe that a behavior is terms as morally ethical if it does not harm or exploit others in the society. It must result to happiness to those it affects.

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The mission statement of this company perfectly meets the four guiding principles of conscious marketing. The first principle is high purpose, and any business that adheres to this principle focuses on the purpose that is beyond the pure profits. By doing this, such a company engages and inspires its stakeholders. The ability of this company to give a small portion of its profits to the United Way is a sigg of social responsibility, and this shows that its purpose is higher than the pure profits. The second principle entails stakeholder orientation, and this means that a conscious business does not focus on a selected stakeholder but focuses on all stakeholders. The mission statement of this company shows that the company focuses on creating a better society. The mission statement also shows conscious leadership especially by the use of the term ‘our’ rather than ‘my’. The mission statement is also embedded on a conscious culture.

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Microsoft Computers is one of the companies that is adept at conscious marketing. This is due to the fact that the purpose of the company is higher than its pure profits. The company has Bill Gaits foundation which helps needy individuals in the developing countries.

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