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The primary goal of this essay is to analyze the significance of moral decisions, rules, and values in modern life. This essay also seeks to identify a specific issue that mankind will face in the next decade or two, as well as certain ideals or principles that humanity should adhere to in order to find a solution.

Values are a concept that serves as a benchmark for judgment or action, whereas ethical decisions are those that are based on moral standards (Clair & Matthew & Jeffrey 17). People from varied backgrounds, origins, and cultures make up the world (Clair & Matthew & Jeffrey 24). Based on this scenario; it is safe to say that ethics, principles and values are important in guiding how people from different cultures relate with one another.


As discussed above; the human population is made up of people who come from different cultures and origins. In the next decade or two; one of the most difficult problems that Humanity will be facing is racial division and mass enslavement. Humanity is made up of approximately five Human races (Clair & Matthew & Jeffrey 32). This races include the Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid.

Over the years, racism has caused differentiation and division in Humanity. People have divided themselves along ancestral lines, skin colour, hair type and stature (Reich 18). The main reason for division and differentiation is because each race considers itself much more superior and gifted than the other (Reich 26). In the past years; there have been collisions between different races.

Some of the main issues/bone of contention between this races include resources such as Land and water. It also includes the battle for supremacy (Kivel 35). Based on my opinion, there are three ethical principles/values that Humanity could use to solve the issue on racial division.


In order to overcome the issue on racial division; Humans ought to put up measures/morals/principles. This Principles will aid in the governance of people and avoid discrimination among people (Kivel 50). For example, this Principle will set out rules that will make people live together in harmony and unison. This principle will enable people to interact and associate without any negativity (Kivel 53). It will also promote the spirit of togetherness and interaction.


Inequality is one of the main issues that is related with racism. In this case; if a particular race is given more endorsements than the other there is likely to be racial division among the communities involved (Kivel 59). In order to avoid inequality, there is a need to establish principles based on equality. This principles will enable humanity to achieve an understanding on each other (Reich 30). In the end, this will prevent one race from receiving unfair judgment and endorsements at the expense of the other.


Interculturalism refers to process of supporting a dialogue that is cross cultural. It also involves the tendencies of self segregation within different cultures (Clair & Matthew & Jeffrey 48). The main essence of Interculturalism is to support the interaction of people who come from different races (Kivel 73). This principle fosters unity and interaction. It hinders on the vices of hate and disunity. Lastly, this principle is important since it promotes an interaction that is equitable. It enables people from various races to associate with one another.


Clair, Matthew, and Jeffrey S. Denis. "Sociology of racism." The International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edn. Oxford: Elsevier (2015).

Kivel, Paul. Uprooting Racism-: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice. New Society Publishers, 2017.

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May 10, 2023

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