Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

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According to Selzer and Faigley, rhetorical interpretation is an attempt to consider how people want to manipulate others through the use of words, and how they can use it to take any meaningful symbolic action. Rhetorical interpretation is thus intended to have an impressive and convincing impact on the viewers in order to achieve those objectives. In our research, we will use different demands, including ethos, pathos, and logos. The use of these appeals helps us to catch the public's emotion in an effort to buy their ideas and consume their products. If one is an athlete, for instance, you can find yourself paying more attention towards the athletic advertisements and commercials. In this study, we will focus on the “strut” ad. Strut was a Nike ad that was created to market the Nike ACG Blazerboat. From the ad, the Blazerboat is compared to a fish. Ethos is well recognized in this ad through the name of the brand and some claims that the ACG Nike shoe can allow one to walk with fish. The complaint suggests that every individual who loves the creeks, and the rivers can benefit from owning one pair of the shoes. The ad also serves as a symbolic meaning of Nike Equality, in that Nike cares about all kinds of customers in regards to their environment. The ad also serves as a symbol especially when one goes on to analyze the creation of camouflage green color of the word strut and a layer of moss that hang from the word. This, therefore, suggests that the shoes are more durable and made for the wet terrain and the outdoor use. The targeted audience for the ad is the athletes and people who engage in outdoor activities and people who love Nike products. The athletes and people who engage in outdoor activities, who are the main audience, will know that Nike recognizes and supports the needs of an outdoorsman.

"Strut" ad by Nike is one of the best examples that will be used on this assignment to show the use of ethos, pathos, and Logos. The use of this ad to advertise Nike product was to try and persuade the audience that purchasing the product was an advanced solution towards some conditioned and geared shoes (Dulau and Alexandra 43). Nike claims that the product will serve the equality purpose by ensuring that it meets the needs of the daily athlete and ensure that the athlete is in touch with nature and loves to be on the outdoor. According to the advertisement, Nike has made a step forward to produce a shoe that I a great necessity of an outdoorsman and who is in touch with nature. The ad states well that "Do not pity the trout, get in direct contact with it."

The ad is the best example of Nike equality as it makes use of the appeals of ethos, pathos, and Logos so as to convince the audience to buy the product. Ethos is the distinctive character, moral nature, sentiment or the guiding beliefs of the institution, person or group. The establishment of the ethos is quite important to the current society since they serve as the main options when analyzing a product that one needs to purchase (Dulau and Alexandra 76). The best thing about Nike is that it is an established institution and they appear to be a top athletic brand that allows their ethos to have some credit in various areas.

The ad also uses the term "Amphibiously yours" while closing the letter written for the potential buyers. This appears to be a polite and way creative to let the customers further know that Nike understands and supports the needs of an outdoorsman (Dulau and Alexandra 87). Though the ad was most focused on other appeals, it also throws in some legitimate claims that appeal to the people who are in need of Logos so as to make some decision to purchase the shoes. The ad also states that "since you are wearing the Nike Blazer boot, then it is clear that your feet have some gills that breathe water in and later drain it right back again."

Summing up, Nike tries to play in its design of the shoe by stating that it has "fins" that make it easier to handle what nature puts in front of any person wearing the shoe. Logos come in place when an organization speaks about its design and how it can benefit its consumer. It does all this by noting that the gill-like design in the shoes that enables water to enter and exit is efficient while one is running through water. This is just a claim by Nike that the ACG Blazer boots just enable a consumer to venture through the terrains no matter if it is wet or dry.

Work Cited

Dulau, Alexandra-Viorica. "Ethos/Pathos/Logos." Lingua. Language and Culture 14.1 (2015): 160-163.

October 12, 2022

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