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The Importance of Art in Historical Documentation

The scientist documented some of the contemporary scenes along with local settlers who in the scientific discovery later replicated the so-called flora and fauna. The important picture for the historical period is created with this illustration. The goal of the paper was to demonstrate the importance of art to provide valuable insights into the important historical era.


On a quarterly basis in the West, Engstrand conveys the historical history of the people of in relation to their social life, political as well as economical. In addition, it talks about the immigration as well as demographic changes in California.

Through the article, the author is considered to be offering a challenge to the current artists in relation to the existing historical viewpoints. That is the author denoted the positive contribution of the ancient artist in relation to the current history in the region thus serving as a challenge to the current artists. The author also utilized various evidence denoting the quality of the ancient art. For instance, the article shows an image of an Indian woman who is carrying green seed pulp, as well as a California majordomo indicating the image of people who came from Spain (Engstrand). Personally, like the type of art described by the author in the article. Basing on the photos included in the article it is clear that that the ancient artist did a good job in recording the history of the Spanish and Mexican people. The author, therefore, can make this work stronger by including various images together with their artist and the time it was painted as well as the intention of that particular image thus giving a clear history of that particular works of art. The audience of this article can be young artists who would like to learn more about art as well as researchers who are trying to study to the lifestyle of the Spanish and Mexican people. The article explains the life of Americans way by various artist accompanying the expedition in a left painting of mission and the paintings of the church which added the best picture towards their cemetery.

Preserving Historical Art

In conclusion, the article is helpful in that it describes the need preserve all the historical features. The historic feature from the ancient artist has enabled the discovery of various beautiful paintings and sketch of various figures in both California and San Francisco. Therefore, it is possible for all the historical experts to adopt a given knowledge about the past for the use in a given study thus enhancing the quality of the works of arts. Also, in relation to this aspect one can read more in relation to this aspect in the article Competing Visions: A History of California by Robert Cherny.

Works Cited

Engstrand, Iris H. W. “Perception, and perfection.” Picturing the Spanish and Mexican Coastal West 36 (2005): 4-21. Document.

October 25, 2022


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