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The Institution of Slavery: A comparison of Ancient Peoples of Italy, Greece and the Levant and North America.

Slavery was a rather strange system in the US. The belief that some cultures were superior to others was a major factor ...

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Why did the Boers emigrate northwards beyond the boundaries of the British-controlled Cape Colony?

In the year 1806, the British took control of the Cape Colony. This occurred because it was a convenient place for them ...

106 views 3 pages ~ 655 words
The commonality of the slave trade

The prevalence of the slave trade in ancient America cannot be explained by a single type of dynamics, as these dynamics...

298 views 12 pages ~ 3204 words
From Africa to America - History of Slave Religion

The slaves who were brought to America had strong religious foundations dating back to their origins in Africa. The nati...

260 views 8 pages ~ 2148 words
Jazz Musicians

Jazz was formed during a time when the slave trade was thriving and many persons kidnapped as slaves were living in squa...

83 views 3 pages ~ 609 words
Slaves, Slave Trade and Convicts Campaign

The Slaves in the United States and Australia's convicts lived from varying circumstances, while common difficulties wer...

250 views 2 pages ~ 361 words
American slave trade and ownership and colonialism: Contrast and similarities

Americans adopted the culture of slavery from the British Empire once they have settled in America in the late 1600s. Co...

128 views 5 pages ~ 1172 words
Racial segregation

Racial apartheid has dominated the imaginary as well as the everyday world since time immemorial, dating back to slavery...

6783 views 4 pages ~ 877 words
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Hucklberry Finn (and hereafter referred as Huck) is the protagonist who is one of the burning examples of the anti-racism and anti-slavery. At f...

643 views 3 pages ~ 797 words
The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano

Abolitionist Olaudah Equiano was known for much of his life as Gustavus Vassa. He was born into slavery in the Eboe region of the Kingdom of Ben...

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