Fact Sheet of the Ferrari 488

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An illustration cannot be provided in the case of the marketing literature for Ferrari 488

This is just an advertisement on paper that can only act as an impressive part to the buyer. An illustration cannot be made on paper since it requires physical engagement with the buyer. It would be made by driving the car and letting the customer also see all the general features of Ferrari 488. Illustrations are mainly made after the buyer decides to purchase the vehicle, and in that case, he or she visits the manufacturing site or the motor shop to test the car with the help of the seller. After he or she is satisfied with the illustration, then the deal is sealed with the exchange of the motor with cash.


An example is not included in the Ferrari 488 fact sheet marketing literature since models of the vehicles are located at the manufacturer's place or the motor shop and in this case the buyer is required to visit the motor shop to visually analyses the Ferrari 488 and see if the given specifications have been met. In this case, the fact that sheet cannot provide for a physical Ferrari 488 but it can only show a picture of it and definition of its parts. Examples are given concerning the color of the car and also some illustration of the specifications made in the marketing literature. The models will enable the buyer to specify the vehicle of his or her choice concerning the general features as given in the fact sheet.


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