Factors That Could Be Creating Deficiencies at Alders and Richardson Company

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Lack of strategies to draw qualified workers by putting policies in place causes a big number of highly qualified workers to apply for jobs in the organization. Employees at Alders and Richardson tend to leave the company in less than a year as they search for organizations that would support their professional development because the HR department there does so little to advance their careers and broaden their expertise. It is evident that there are fewer programs rewarding and motivating staff to work toward the organization's goals and visions. Untrained management team could be the reason behind the skyrocketing costs in the organization as they would be incapable to organize the activities in this department

Recommendations that would correct deficiencies at the HRM process at Alders and Richardson Company

Attracting and maintaining employees is an important and often difficult task which companies have to face very day. However, this can be dealt with by creating employee branding image which communicates the benefits of employment to potential employees. Just as the consumer branding depends on the consumer to make their choices based on their tastes, employer branding to makes employers make choices on which company they are best suited to work for.

Employer branding can be termed as ‘the packaging of functional, economic, and

Psychological benefits provided by employment and identified with the employing company

‘[Amber and Barrow1996]. Amber and Barrows articulated that branding is an effort which creates a coherent working environment to increase production, create recruitment as well as retain employees. This creates the opportunity for the companies to have a strong appeal for the current employees and potential future workers. Successful branding has been attributed to increased quality and quantity of the job application received by the companies.

Secondly, employers can be retained by offering career development; this is through shifts in focusing on transfer of knowledge to the employees rather than focusing skills which are just good for the organization this will result in a greater balance in work- life experience rather than the desire to have a high salary and social status. The employers will be able to perform tasks effectively leading to a good relationship with the organization thus high profits. A conduct survey by researchers have found out that employees who left to find work in the different organization did that due to lack of career development and skills required to develop as an individual thus to eliminate the feeling of a dead-end every position at the jobs should provide an individual development plan to benefit the employers.

A critical aspect as noted by Robbins and Coulter in an effective mention strategy is the training of managers so that they are in a position to know how their actions and everyday decisions are going to affect the employees. Managers need the knowledge, tools to assist them to understand their role in employer retention as well as the ability to design networks which allow for employers engagement in the organization. Engagement results in commitment as people have the ability to be heard by giving their opinions and feedback to their everyday issues which gives them a sense of ownership.

People have the instinct to feel appreciated and recognized so that they become proud of their work; recognition programs will help meet the needs of this employees, such program does not need to be expensive or complicated to be effective. Recognition would be by way of awarding employees who perform their duties well as this will reinforce god behavior. Measures that can be used to indicate that the recommendations are having a positive impact on the Alders and Richardson process.

The company should conduct an employee’s satisfaction at least every one year; this will show how the employees view their satisfaction with working with the company as well as give their progress on their work. It will be better to make them feel ice they are being heard by taking their opinions into consideration. The information gathered by such surveys will be an indicator that the recommendation is having a positive impact or not.

It is prudent for the company to start measuring the cost of the turnover as an indication of analysis of the revenue generated by the organization, the department of HR will be scrutinized once in a while in matters that concern the rates of turnover. An analysis of the employer in terms of individual talent skills and knowledge as criteria for the jobs that match their skills in their departments will reveal a lot of information on their career development as well as knowledge gained through training and team building.

Collaboration and communication of executive management team

The failure at the HR department of the Alders and Richardson Company is a clear indication of failed communication strategies which result to nonexistent collaboration in the executive team which translates to poor co-ordination daily actives within the organization which thus jeopardize the efficiency and effectiveness in the organization. The management team clergy’s setting a poor example to the employees as it can be attributed to less effort towards attaining company goals and vision. It can be deduced that the management team is less proactive when issues arise with employees this attributed to the high number of employees leaving the organization in less than one year. Teamwork has been attributed to stimulate engagement, innovation and creativity yet it’s clear that the executive team at Alders and Richardson has underutilized this tools which are paramount drivers of success growth for both the individual employees and the organization as well.

Recommendation to the president of Alders and Richardson regarding the VP of HR and the HR’s underperformance

It is common knowledge that the vice president of the human resource department is supposed to organize people for effectiveness and efficiency in an organization, people should be viewed as resources which should be effectively utilized to reach the goals and visions of an organization. The human resource should be at the fore front in advising the company how to organize and manage people with emphasize on team building, and skill building such that there is an engagement in the said organization.

It can be argued that the VP of HR department lacks the capacity building skills which translated to employees exiting from the company instead of developing long-term commitment towards attaining the organization’s goals with the aim of developing an edge cutting advantage in the competitive market. This can be partly associated with lack of career development strategies by the HR department. The president of the Alders and Richardson Company should consider training the VP on matters such as team building and taking care of employers needs with the aim of making their work experience worthwhile.

The president should remind the VP to take responsibility for her actions and inactions which are costing the company by losing its trained and experienced employees who are exiting the company in less than one year. He/she should also tighten the recruitment terms and qualification of new employers who are able to do the task at hand with the aim of realizing the organization’s goals. It could be unfortunate if the VP refuses to take the recommendations given because this would mean the organization continues to incur losses and this would result in her/him being sacked.

Sources of resistance that might interfere with my recommendation

The VP might refuse to take the responsibility for the losses incurred in the organization thus not take the recommendations seriously this could interfere with the implementation of the intervention measures recommended. Lack or insufficient resources to implement the interventions reminded may interfere with the implementation of the intervention.


Ambler, T. a. (1996). The Employer Brand. journal of brand management, 185-206.

Robbins, S. a. (2006). Management 13th edition.

February 22, 2023
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