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Fallacies in Statistical Analysis

Fallacies are synonymous with inaccurate statistical analysis or wrongly obtained data related to the listed study. As an example of a situation that represents a study of data relating to the women's population. In spite of how the Obama administration has catered to them. Romney created this interpretation, which then revealed some gaps in the statistic he used to evaluate his evidence.

Questionable Interpretation of Statistics

According to his interpretation, "there are 2.7 million more women without health care now than when Barack Obama took office, and 858,000 fewer women employed today than when President Obama took office." We have actually now the highest number of single-mother families living in poverty than at any time in recorded history, a 14 percent increase since President Obama took office." (Hicks).

Fallacies in Interpretation

The interpretation of this statistics reveals several fallacies associated with this interpretation of facts. The fallacies revealed are pertinent to the statistics used and not in relation to fallacies associated with the nature of the sample. This is because the statistics gathered are recorded from a census thus sample sizes used are appropriate and validate the correctness of the statistics. However, the statistics used for this particular analysis are questionable as the analysis is a review of the current Obama administration in 2012, yet the statistics are of the year 2012. This brings about the fallacy of questionable statistics since they cannot be used to quantify events occurring in 2012.

Questionable Use of Good Statistics

The other fallacy brought about is the questionable use of good statistics. Some statistics are accurate, however; their use in analysis of relevant points is biased as they only consider the magnitude of values but not the comparison of the statistics to previous years. This could have been facilitated through the use of percentages that will enable the statistics to reveal that the status in the country is not as bad as the values seem to indicate. In conclusion, the analysis was biased and was utilized to discredit Obama’s administration yet it had really helped in managing the effects of the recession that were faced from inception.


Hicks, Josh. Romney campaign’s misleading stats: women in the Obama economy. 2012. .

November 03, 2022
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