Appeal to Authority Fallacy

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Sally Field is an expert on narcotic Bolivia. She uses her doctor's authority to back up her point about the medication, but in fact, the doctor is not involved. This advertisement commits the Appeal to Authority fallacy when it relies on the interpretation of another person's claim to persuade. She does not want to reason for the drug Bolivia on her own.

Kim Kardashian's role in the commercial ad establishes her as an authority on the contentious subject of salads. She is self-assured in her movements and attire. However, she is not a real authority on Salads since she seeks the intervention of a background heavy manly voice to try and win her potential consumers.

The next focus is on Ashton Kutcher. He is not portrayed as an authority in the Camera advert. It is only in his presence. The authority he lends on his presence is merely a straw man whose presence can be avoided. This draws a non-authoritative persona in him.

Having used Chuck Norris as an authority figure, Mike Huckabee becomes a victim of authority fallacy. It turns to be one of the best ads which are full of fun and elements of Appeal to Authority Fallacy. The background voice of Chuck Norris overshadows his voice hence terming the advert a piece of Authority Fallacy.

Question Two

In the first couple of his monologue minutes, Stewart makes fun of a past fallacy by Fox News. It seems to be a fallacy of an advert on politics although am equally unsure about it.

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