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80 views 4 pages ~ 862 words
Love Is a Fallacy by Max Schulman’s

Love Is a Fallacy by Max Schulman is one of the cleverest short stories ever published. This story is centered on three ...

176 views 1 pages ~ 266 words
Appeal to Authority Fallacy

Sally Field is an expert on narcotic Bolivia. She uses her doctor's authority to back up her point about the medication,...

263 views 2 pages ~ 365 words

Fallacies are synonymous with inaccurate statistical analysis or wrongly obtained data related to the listed study. As a...

205 views 4 pages ~ 832 words
Media spotlight and fallacies

When one assumes that an association equals causation, they are engaging in a false cause fallacy. This entails determin...

169 views 3 pages ~ 619 words
Fallacies of Disputation

Politics forms the future of every world, and America is no different. Looking at the recent trends in election campaign...

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