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According to the annotated bibliography, literature analysis, and pros and cons of pediatric vaccination, the strength of the controversy about infant immunization is a cause for concern. It is common knowledge in the United States and other countries around the world that there is a constant pause in prescribing child immunization. The wait has serious consequences because it raises child mortality rates. The wait has sparked national discussion and prompted medical professionals to ask whether it should happen on a regular basis. The extreme assault on the Gambian and Taiwanese children, for example, resulted in a public dispute between the medical departments. As a result, the government has increased resources to the medical sectors to enhance the administration of the infant vaccination. Additionally, there is continuous hiring and training of more medical practitioners on efficient and effective mechanisms of administering infant immunization.

However, due to speculations of association between autisms and infant vaccination, various governments have initiated extensive research and studies to determine if this relationship is valid. Moreover, several health professionals are continuously investigating the possible factors in the vaccines alleged to cause autism. But the research, studies, and investigations have arrived at a common finding that infant vaccination prevents autisms. However, several religions have emerged opposing infant vaccinations. Led by the Roman Catholic Church, the doctrine has been continuously opposing infant vaccination. So what? This has exposed the Roman Catholic babies to several risks factors hence increasing the rate of infection and mortality. This act by religions should be abolished to offer effective immunization to infants. But based on the increase in infant infections, the infant vaccination is worth the risk.


Infant immunization is a health program mainly conducted on infants and children to prevent them from non-communicable and vaccine-preventable disorders such as measles and hepatitis. It is more than risk since it prevents diseases and provides reliable protection for the family members. Significantly, it is considered cost effective. However, there are critical challenges associated with the infant immunization. These include the constant delay in administering a vaccination which has increased the spread of the diseases hence leading to higher mortality rates. For example, in Taiwan and Gambia delay to deliver vaccines to the infants led to severe mortality rates. Second is failure to provide appropriate vaccines for a distinct disease. Most health practitioners confuse and inject wrong vaccines on the babies hence leading to severe suffering and later death if the discovery measures are not employed. Moreover, there is an increase in side effects on infants with weak body immunities. Infant vaccination is characterized by different vaccines that may or may not be compatible with the body antigens and antibodies. The incompatibility results into the emergence of side effects.

Despite the benefits and challenges of the infant vaccinations, several controversies have emerged. These are social, economic or political. The leading controversy is the severe delay in providing the vaccines to the babies and their mothers. As a result, this has increased public debate among the citizens of different nations. With many expectations on infant vaccination, some parents complain of losing their infants due to delayed treatments. Moreover, Religion beliefs by other individuals reduce the effectiveness and sufficiency of administering infant immunization. Concerning the increase in controversies, several nations such as the United States have established and provided adequate resources and mechanisms to facilitate infant immunization. These include employing more health professionals, providing better vaccinations materials to health institutions. Therefore, infant vaccination is worth the risk.


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November 03, 2022


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