Friendship Paradox

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The ultimate grace of a life may be described as friendship, but we hardly understand the delicate threads of love and compassion which bind us. Philosophers provided insight into the concept of friendship. Philosophers, Marcel and Immanuel push for the first idea that it is difficult to attain an honest friendship. They say they all have weaknesses and they don't have to find them. So, just the use of good manners masks proves friendship. The second idea is the work of the philosopher Michel de Montaigne, Giorgio Agamben and Aristotle. According to them, when close friends meet, there are times of honesty and truth. They assert that, one feels their friends as themselves.
The first conception is true to some extent. One, everyone has internal weaknesses they hide to everyone. Two, it is difficult to be completely be honest to our friends. The two factors support the fact that much as friendship brings some attachment between different souls, it can be completely honest. The second conception offers some sense in that friends experience decisive moments and honesty. The conception does not have a strong thesis to affirm it. However, it is based more on our emotions, which overpowers out ability to not disclose about ourselves. No matter how we may feel about our friends, it is difficult to disclose all about ourselves. Moreover, the first conception requires that, people must never discover their natural being.

Sometimes being too honest is not good for a friendship. This is because, after a moment of extreme openness about ourselves, there is a tendency that we will feel too exposed and thus feel guilty over the whole thing. Therefore, feigning becomes significant to maintain our close friendships. It is said that everything too much is poisonous. The same applies in this case.

Honesty keeps friends together. Conversely, too much honesty can break friendship. Thus, much as friends have to be honest to their friends, they have to consider what they intend to open up to their friend if they have to talk about something.

July 24, 2021

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