Good Investigator Attributes

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Information is gathered during the investigation process from both witnesses and tangible proof. The following traits are required of the detective in order to produce a credible outcome when using the gathered, analyzed, and compiled data to solve a criminal case:

Effective speaker Without a doubt, the investigation method involves inquiry, which may be conducted verbally or in writing. (Stelfox 1).Only when it is effectively communicated to the clients can the desired information be obtained. Therefore, having excellent communication skills is a requirement for becoming an effective investigator. Honesty and ethics: Since investigation deals with personal information and confidential issues, integrity is necessary, and this can be achieved by having an honest person to carry out the process of investigation.

Professionalism: Professionalism is required to establish the credibility of the investigations. In the investigation process, professionalism should not only be considered as a measure of success but also a tool to make the process effective. Other than integrity, the investigator should be professional to maintain the credibility required (Stelfox 1).

Good research skills: The investigation is run through research, and therefore quality researcher is needed to conduct it.

Good writing skills: At the end of research, the investigator must compile a report on the findings. This would only be possible if the investigator is capable of communicating through clear and accurate writings.

Knowledge of the law: The investigator needs to have proper knowledge of the legal in the area he or she is working. The aim of the investigation will be achieved if the investigator has experience in the specified area.

A critical thinker and a problem solver: For the investigator to compile together all statements obtained from witness and evidence gathered during the investigation, critical thinking and problem-solving qualities are important (Stelfox 2).

Work cited

Stelfox, Peter. Criminal investigation: An introduction to principles and practice. Routledge, 2013: 1-6.

July 07, 2023


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