Graphic Design Artistic Statement

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There are many developments taking place in the modern world at the same time. This is particularly true in terms of innovation and imagination in all fields. In this regard, I believe that art and architecture are taking center stage because there is always a new theme to pursue. As an artist, I am fortunate to be able to merge my two interests, design and community service, as I pursue this area. For the latter, I do acknowledge that I a designer on my own do not have a direct influence on society but through their work, she can impact and encourage a lot of people.
Thus far in my life, I have come to experience that art and service have a work relationship in that one benefits the other. This I noted through the board positions that I hold in two different schools. I am a public relation in the Rotaract club, a community based organization sponsored by Rotary club and a graphic designer with Freedom Writers. An organization that looks into empowering students of color through creative writing, photography and film

Life Experience

Art has always been and will forever be my passion. It has been an immense challenge getting my parents to accept that this is what I want to do in life. Initially, I took sciences courses for my parents thought it was appropriate and beneficial to study to work for the health sector. Trying to get them to see art in the same light took a lot of determination and courage but am grateful to my brother, David Chen who kept me going. His mantra to me was “follow your passion” and true to his words, my realization that I was wasting my talent and creative mind occurred during my second year in university.

It dawned upon me that creativity is a powerful mind tool with no limitation and from the ideas generated, I could impact the society in different ways. This realization made me sink deeper into doing traditional art and it was only two years ago that I started to explore graphic design. I do not have strong foundation in it because what I know is self-taught. Graphic design is first a passion I want to nurture and secondly a career path I want to explore. I am fully committed to this path and I look forward to growing as a designer.

Contribution to Graphic Design Field

It is my understanding that every designer has to explore various ways to challenge themselves. Art and design is not just about aesthetics but also about finding effective solutions to community problems. I am confident that I am in a position to make significant contribution not only now but for future trends in graphic designs. My intention is to advance my knowledge and skills as a long term designer as this is something I want to do for the rest of my life with the hopes of positively influencing other people’s lives.

However, my dilemma is that the University of California, Riverside, does not offer graphic designs courses that I could explore and improve myself as a designer. I did however get the opportunity to explore verities subjects while at the university which I trust will come in handy in my career path. To address the problem, I do believe that going to an art institution will help me realize my academic goals as well as grow my experiences and skills as I explore the art industry.

July 24, 2021


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