hardship immigrants face

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This paper would address the difficulties that immigrants face both before and after reaching the border, as well as how difficult it is to secure a green card or residency in the United States. In addition, the paper highlights the steps that immigrants must take in order to obtain citizenship. Furthermore, the paper outlines the steps that must be taken in order to create and construct a life in the new home. Furthermore, the article will concentrate on the new political climate in the United States and how it affects the refugee process at the border.

For thousands of years, people have been migrating from Mexico to the United States in search of a better life. The immigration of people at the border still is a matter of interest up to date with different organizations taking different views on the same. The immigrants from Mexico have responded to the challenges facing them in their new home creatively and have tried to make a home for themselves in the US. For thousands of years, the movement of the people across the border involved a diverse and unequal social class of individuals who were in a dynamic state of motion (Martinez 35). During the immigration from Mexico to the United States, certain aspects are passed through the border to the residential areas the immigrants settle. Among the issues passed through the edge are the cultural aspects of the Mexicans, the emergence of a new literature based on their studies, and their political beliefs. It is worthwhile to note that for thousands of years, this "trans-border" immigration has been met with a lot of difficulties and challenges and in some instances, it may lead to the death of innocent civilians who are trying to make a living in the United States.

When you think or talk about crossing the Mexican-United States border either illegally or legally, the first image that pops out in mind is the hardship the immigrants have to go through to make it across. Although most individuals would think about the up and down at the border check, there is much in crossing the border long before they even reach the limit. The environment just before and after the edge deep into the Mexican territory is characterized by a dry, hot, desolated climate that makes it unbearable for the survival of a soul. There is a narrative among Native Americans that claim the only thing that separates them and the immigrants was the "barbed wire." However, these narratives are quite the opposite of what transpires as there are hundreds of cases of deaths reported each year. Taking into consideration the Jacumba desert, it is unbearable to make it to the crossing point with a limited supply of water and food. Although the harsh climatic condition of the Jacumba desert may seem like the only block that separate the immigrants from crossing the border, there are indeed other factors such as the humans (Croucher 42). A lot of immigrants who have made it successful across the border live to narrate their ordeal on the encounter with a group of "activist" referred as the Minutemen led by James "Jim" Gilchrist who claims they protect the border from "terrorists" who might find their way into the United States (Gaynor 32). There are high numbers of deaths/cases reported for children who have tried to cross the border into the US every day without the company of a guardian or a parent (Sanchez and Chavarria 24).

Once an individual has made it to the border either through legal or illegal means, the process of becoming a citizen of the United States is often too complicated and lengthy than most people anticipate. The first and most accepted step of becoming a United States citizen is through green card application. However, to be legible to apply for the green card, you must have a family member either a parent, a child under the age of 21 or a spouse living in the United States. Moreover, if you have a family member who made it to the United States through the green card, you can as well apply for the green card and become a citizen of the United States.

A perfect example of such a migrant who made it through to the US and established himself in the history of America was Ramon S Tafoya. Although Ramon was privileged to live in the US when they moved in at the age of 15, they were forced to return to Penjamo in Mexico during the great depression period in 1931. However, they returned to the US in 1933 as immigrants and settled on a ranch at East Main. Ramon and his wife Lupe started a weigh station in 1947. This location played an essential role in bookkeeping the farmers' cannery contracts. The success of the plant led to the introduction of a grocery store which later grew to a big market by 1950 due to the increasing number of immigrants he assisted in making their way through to the US. In 1951, Ramon was classified as a US citizen through naturalization. Other methods or paths to US citizenship are through employment paths and humanitarian channels for refugees from countries affected by war and through birthrights when born and registered in the US as a citizen (Ramon 7).

The notion that everything in the United States is easy and making it through to the country translates to success is misunderstood. Life in the United States can indeed be tough for newcomers especially those from countries that English is not their formal means of communication. So, what does it take to build a life in the United States? Well, the answer may not be a simple this or that but rather step by step procedures that require commitment and perseverance. Well, we all understand the formal and official language of communication in the United States is English. Therefore, learning English is the primary foundation for success in the US. The desire to be understood and pragmatism is met through effective communication with the people. It is hard to find a good job or a strong relation with the people if you do not understand English. The next step to ensure a successful life in the US is through the establishment of strong work ethic. In the United States, nothing is offered for free, and everyone expects you to work hard to earn a living. Without hard work, commitment and surprise, the American dream as the land of plenty would not be possible. When you immigrate to the US, the first issue that strikes you is the stark reality, thus working hard towards your dreams is essential to building a life (Ramon 10). The appreciation and commitment of making the US a home is a fundamental fact of creating a successful life.

The current Trump administration has vowed to overhaul the immigration system of the United States. The step could affect both children and adults who had hopes of steering into the immigration law of the United States. Most children who have a parent living the United States may soon lose their "unaccompanied" designation if Trump's administration decides to implement border security protocols as promised on his campaigns. The loss of the children's "unaccompanied" status would imply that children found by the border control would be subjected to harsh legal proceedings without taking into consideration the welfare or the state of security of that child if returned to Mexico.

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January 13, 2023
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