Healthcare systems Measuring Health Care Quality

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Like all systems, healthcare systems require upkeep and quality control.

This is done to ensure that customers receive high-quality services. Various process assessment techniques have been developed in this regard to guarantee that the necessary work standards are met. This essay will concentrate on the clinical reminder system of evaluation as it relates to the delivery of healthcare services.

This is a computerized technique utilized in medical facilities, managed care organizations, and office settings.

This method of evaluation serves to alert medical professionals of potential drug interactions, required laboratory monitoring for patients with chronic illnesses, and necessary preventative testing. This technique is particularly useful to healthcare givers who have cancer patients. It is used to evaluate whether the provided services meet the standard clinical care that is expected to be administered to a patient (Caitlin Morris, 2014). It is an administration and clinical system that helps manage details of patients at an administrative level.


This method can alert practitioner of the needs and problems of a patient. It ensures that care is given on time making it concurrent to the set quality assurance standards. This technique can be custom-made to fit particular risk factors of a patient. The historical medical data which is easily available through the electronic health records can be used to plan the assessment. The method can frequently be updated while integrating the probabilities of different outcomes (Nallakkandi Rajeevan, 2017).


The major drawback of this assessment method is that it requires rapid response. Also, it requires familiarity with the used software by the practitioner to be effective.

In conclusion, process assessments in healthcare are evaluation techniques which focus on delivering care.

They are procedures founded on the idea that standards of performance exist in the delivery of patient care. This requires that precise actions are taken, events occurring, and interactions made are put in comparison to the accepted standards.


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July 07, 2023

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