How public spaces are altered by hospitals

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The Impact of Hospitals on Public Spaces

People's economic and social lives are strongly affected by public spaces. They are useful to the public in this respect. In certain cases, modifying a public space is a positive idea, but in many cases, altering a public space in a negative manner has resulted in frustration, distress, and uncertainty. There are also hospitals that change public spaces, and as a result, there are repercussions. The main aim of this paper is to objectively investigate how hospitals change public spaces.

Large hectares of land is necessary for the building of public hospitals. In certain cases, construction can include the use of public spaces, thus jeopardizing public interests. Despite the fundamental role of hospitals, the constructions should not be done in public space through alterations.

Congestion of Hospitals in Public Spaces

Hospitals have turned the public spaces into private domains, in that they are many and congested in specific regions in different localities. It is a concern, where there are many hospitals constructed in the same region, in public spaces. The public needs a particular number of hospitals in a region depending on population to save on the public spaces and not to misuse them. The spaces have the potential to contribute to several development goals like building transport facilities to serve people and even constructing local markets to provide people with the livelihood.

Another way in which hospitals are altering public space is by occupying a large piece of public land for no valid purpose; this is evident in where the hospitals constructed to cover a small piece of land whereas a large compound surrounds it. This has stirred up anger from citizens who feel that instead of leaving the space unoccupied for waste, it could have been used to do something more constructive and of much help to the public. As such, such activities show how hospitals are altering the public spaces, and as a result, the public is left to suffer because of insufficient spaces left, caused by congestion.

Misuse of Public Spaces such as Media

Hospitals are misusing public spaces such as the media, which is a public platform. The hospitals have created websites where people can visit to get information, some of which might not be important. Besides, the sites may also be used to make medical appointments while their legitimacy may not be guaranteed, hence a misuse of public space. Over the past years, hospitals have constructively been involved in the use of social media while carrying out different forms of advertisement and public sensitization. Nevertheless, the recent past has shown a series of complaints from the public as well as patients who visit their websites for information. As such, the misuse of such platforms also characterizes the alteration of public space of the social domain. Conclusion

Importance of Preserving Public Spaces

Public spaces play a significant role in the economic and social life of people, and their alteration may be detrimental to the public as well as other stakeholders. As such, in as much as hospitals play an important role for the public, public spaces are as well fundamental. As such, they should not get involved in activities that would lead to alteration of such spaces. Therefore, the government and local authorities should play a significant role in containing such practices.

October 25, 2022

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