How to use Facebook to build a fan base

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In creating a fan base on Facebook, one must first define the target demographic or the audience that they wish to market. These are the individuals who will eventually make up your fan base and it is important to consider them, their shifting tastes and desires as well as their cherished needs. It is vital to ensure that you specify your target market so that you can use appropriate targeting tactics, such as the purchase of Facebook Ads, to sell your goods and services to them. By virtue of having many followers on your Facebook page does not necessarily ensure that the company’s sales will go up. The company needs to have engaging fans that will be able to spread the company’s content to their friends therefore increasing the company’s brand reputation. Having an engaging Facebook community can only be achieved by learning your audience, appealing to them, acting like them and speaking like them. This means that the company should be very specific as to how they upload content on their Facebook page. Consumers want to be associated with a page that interacts with them and one that appeals to them (Summers, 1).

One effective way of achieving this is involving your fans in product promotion. This would mainly involve having your fans taking photos and videos showcasing your products, which in turn makes them to be your brand ambassadors. In this way, they will be able to share such content on their personal profiles and their friends will end up liking such content ultimately leading to more recognition for the company.

This will also ensure that your fans remain anxious and curious as they wait to see how you would want to engage them with the company’s products and services. To effectively ensure that you keep your fans active, identify the content that they respond the most to. In this way, you can either focus on asking questions, uploading videos and photos or having contests on Facebook. The use of Facebook contests is usually effective especially where you challenge fans to obtain the most likes for content with the company’s products which usually leads to more exposure to their friends (Ayres, 1).

Another way through which you can use Facebook to increase your fan base is asking your fans or followers on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram to follow your Facebook page. This involves sharing the URL of your Facebook page on the different social media platforms where you promise the fans that they will get exclusive content from your Facebook page. This also contributes significantly to the growth of one’s fan base.

Your fan base on Facebook can also significantly increase by joining Facebook Groups and posting content about your products and services there. Regularly posting and providing feedback to interested people on Facebook Groups can actually inspire them to like your Facebook page to get to know more about what you are offering. Facebook Groups are highly effective as once a post is made every group member is alerted on the new update on the group. This means that your content gets a higher number of views when one has joined multiple groups (Summers, 1). It is also important to humanize the Facebook experience you want to give to your potential fans by having your Facebook profile where some of your fans can end up being your friends. This is usually crucial in building lasting relations with your fans and can lead to consumer retention.

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July 24, 2021
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